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Lauren 1, Heat Vision 0

February 9, 2008


My undying thanks to Lloyd, who took over posting duties this week since I wasn’t feeling well (a cold, a fever, a rash, then a different, more sinister cold). As you have seen, he’s such a good writer that people are footnoting him! When he fixed the sink earlier this week, I was very grateful […]

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Lovin’ the Mac

October 25, 2007


Good thing my boss doesn’t read this, or I’d make her pretty mad. She’s got this classroom rating thing that says it would be good for children to have a listening center. Phewsh. (That’s a scoffing sound.) Have you ever seen classroom listening centers? They’re nothing like they seem in the catalogs. Headphones all a-tangle, […]

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Oh the gadgets!

July 28, 2007


http://www.betterlivingthroughdesign.com Really, really smart people making super-cool things I wish I could play with.

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Back to the gadgets

June 7, 2007


Going along with the love of gadgets, I must mention this from my father. He also loves techno-stuff (he’s got one of those cool iBook laptops with magnetic cable connectors), but he also appreciates the simpler doodads. While in Blue Hill, he gave us a very nifty little bottle closer that keeps pop from going […]

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Foldy Bowl

May 20, 2007


I love gadgets – or at least the thinking that goes into most gadgets.  (There are some that are completely useless – like the machine that scrambles an egg while it’s still in the shell for ‘easy scrambled eggs’!  Are you kidding me? How hard is it to scramble an egg?) Anyway, I’ve been visiting […]

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January 19, 2007


Yeah, I know it’s called a FoodSaver, but FoodSucker is so much more fun to say, and it’s not crass – it’s appropriate! Occasionally I have been known to convince myself to buy something that we really don’t need. (Occasionally – ha!)  About a year ago I really wanted a FoodSucker, so I waited the […]

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