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Typical Day

January 18, 2016



Lauren told me that I get to write today’s post. It’s never a comfortable thing when she says that, because I always wonder if I’m forgetting something. Is today Lauren’s birthday? Is it our anniversary? Is it some other day that, while not technically our official anniversary, is the anniversary of something that I should […]

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Now with kittens

December 28, 2014



We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday with my folks in Missouri. It was a successful visit. At the height there were 2 parents, 3 siblings, nieces and nephews (1 each), 1 grand nephew (is that a thing?),  3 spouses, 1 girl friend, 3 kittens, 1 cat, 1 dog and 1 puppy. There was no appearance […]

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Bioshock Infinite

May 22, 2014


Bioshock Infinite logo

So, I finished Bioshock Infinite this week. That’s a video game if you didn’t know. This is Lloyd if you didn’t know. It was a good game. It was fairly short as far as video games go and altogether well done. I purchased it a few months ago when it was on sale for $9.99 […]

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Trying to find some loot

September 23, 2013


Dear ******, It was nice to speak with you during last week’s Tech Crawl. I was the teacher working on gamifying his high school programming class. I was also the guy who handed out the flyer full of typos. How embarrassing. My students are starting to get into the spirit of gamification and it’s interesting […]

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15 hours of fun

January 4, 2013



There are two seniors at Lincoln Lutheran who don’t have a class 4th period and they typically hang out with me in the Mac Lab. They are both into war games and I showed them a website where they could buy games for cheap(er). This procured for me an invitation to my first game of […]

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Handbell Hero

December 21, 2007


You may be familiar with the guitar video game ‘Guitar Hero’ – star of Middle School Fun Night. Well, here’s hoping that Brad the Handbell Director doesn’t steal today’s post! If your computer has the speed, and you have the need, you have to play…. Handbell Hero. Play the bells, play them well! Do it […]

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