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Walks into a Bar Jokes

January 31, 2009


Walks into a Bar Jokes

Well, it’s Sunday again, so Lauren is letting me post something. It turns out that “Walks into a bar” jokes are my favorite sort of joke. Here are a few to get started, but feel free to play along. The first one is my very favorite. I tell it to my 7th grade math class […]

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Just tired

October 25, 2008


Sorry for no good post this morning.  I was crazy tired at work yesterday and had a bit of a stomachache.  I’ve been sleeping more than I would believe possible.  If anything gets accomplished today, it will be some kind of miracle. Let me leave you with this excellent joke from Curt: A blonde was […]

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June 4, 2008


I am TIRED and do not want to make a post.  I want to go to bed.  Somebody tell a joke.

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Just like Adam….sorta

August 30, 2007


The first week in preschool we just do things that are self-directed so that the teachers can be available for helping children who might feel sad, or need some redirection.  We’ve been stepping it up, though, and have talked about Creation, and how God created the world and people.  We’ve made some self-portraits with paper […]

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