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No world wide web

May 9, 2016



The internet was (actually still is) down at Lincoln Lutheran for most of the day today. I told Windstream of our woes around 10:30 and bothered them every hour for an update on what they had found. Finally, at about 3:00, the 7th guy I talked to said that they had been, “really busy” and […]

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Old Timers

August 26, 2015



We got new atomic clocks at Lincoln Lutheran this year. Our clock system is older than the High School, and the display was shot, so we couldn’t program it anymore. We were no longer using it to ring the bells for class to start/stop (there’s a neat addon to the phone system that plays any […]

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Gamification and Programming

September 9, 2013


Gamification Website Header

So, while Lauren has been heating up and cooling down multiple times a day, I’ve been working on trying something new with my programming class. For the last couple of years people have been experimenting with using common elements in games in classrooms. It’s called Gamification, and it’s not playing games in class. People have […]

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Surprise Video of the Semester

May 18, 2013


When Aliens Attack

Friday was the last day of school at Lincoln Lutheran and for our “Finals” period we watched the videos that the students had been working on for the past 5 weeks. They were pretty good, given (a) the time constraints, (b) that it was their first attempt at editing together a video and (c) the […]

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Party planning

May 24, 2012


Invitations are postcards now

Happy Birthday, Dad! Last weekend was graduation at Lincoln Lutheran. This calls for attending more parties than I typically go to during the whole rest of the year combined. In the past I’ve just sort of looked at addresses and times and driven around. This year there were more parties that I really wanted to […]

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$35,000 presentation

March 17, 2012


$35,000 presentation

iPad presentation smallIt’s late here; it’s been a long day, and Lauren is too tired to write a post. Our Gala dinner and auction fundraiser for Lincoln Lutheran High School was last night and I was in charge of the presentation where we asked our supporters to donate $36,000 to buy iPads for all of […]

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