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Guess what?

June 17, 2008


Twenty points to the first to guess what these are.  We saw them on our way to pick up Brad at the airport.

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The disgusting answer

March 12, 2008


I’m a pig, right? We’ve established that. Well, when I bake bread and they say to pour some water in a pan on the bottom of the oven, I do. In fact, I pour it into the same pan that I have never washed since I started making all this bread. (In the oven that […]

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Guess what?

March 11, 2008


Do you know what this is? Do you? Can you guess?? C’mon – guess!   I’ll reveal the answer after noon.   maybe.

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Alley Walks

March 15, 2007


When the weather is warm and Lloyd and I are feeling adventurous, we walk.  Outside.  No foolin’.  Ok, usually it involves a stop at Dairy Queen, but at least we’re walking.  Instead of walking on normal sidewalks, it’s much more interesting to walk down the alleys.  Lloyd thinks we should make a new category called, […]

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February 24, 2007


Lloyd and I went with Tim and Annette to a flea market in Lincoln on Saturday.  It was pretty cool – some people were selling cool sutff, some people were selling embarrassingly sad items like old Gladware or the contents of their sock drawer.  Lloyd saw a table where three old board games that we […]

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