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Too Tired

October 4, 2008


I was too tired to post last night, and also too tired this morning.  We’re taking Cricket to the vet this morning, so I’ll update on that later.  Happy Saturday.

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Blank Post

February 7, 2008


Due to my being a complete bonehead and thinking that yesterday was the 7th (and today being the 8th), I have no good post for today.  But tomorrow’s – well, at least tomorrow’s is done. No picture today, but I can tell you a little story about Delsym cough syrup.  Did you know that one […]

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January 30, 2008


I don’t have a post! I don’t have a post!! It’s time for bed and we don’t have anything. I won’t let Lloyd write about bad movie night, and a photo of me paying bills is too boring. Plus, that’s over. Here’s a picture of my hand typing this, the most terrible post yet to […]

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Not much

August 3, 2007


Sorry, but I don’t have much to say.  Working late, home visits at night, this is not my best lifestyle for writing.  I don’t even have a cool link to post.  Maybe Lloyd will read this later and save me.  See you later!

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April 8, 2007


I got nothing.  We spent most of our day sleeping (Lloyd with the help of medication, me with the help of natural laziness).   The Ham Fairy came by during our nap, which was a nice surprise.  (Friday’s Soup Fairy must have been in cahoots with her.)  Happy Monday.  

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Open Mike Night

November 21, 2006


Open Mike Night

You believe in fairies, don’t you? Clap to keep Tinkerbell alive! Clap! Clap! So on talk radio when the host is too lazy to actually host, they have Open Mike time. Since Lloyd and I will be gone for Thanksgiving, it’s up to you – the fans and the lurkers – to keep this website […]

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