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Sundays with Samith

October 4, 2015



Samith brings Brighton into Seward on Sunday evenings to play basketball at Concordia’s youth basketball program (there’s some other name for the program, but, yeah). While Brighton is basketballing it up, Samith has been coming over to our house for what we have affectionately been calling, Sundays with Samithâ„¢. We mostly just sit around, eat […]

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Samuel L. Jackson comes through again

February 25, 2015



We had another successful Bad Movie Night on Tuesday, and Lauren is finally letting me write about it. We didn’t go into it thinking it would be anything out of the ordinary. Samith investigated the movies this time around and presented us with two choices: Jupiter Rising or Kingsmen. Samith characterized Jupiter Rising as, “potentially […]

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Seems like old times

March 11, 2014


Bonus Photo

What if we held a Bad Movie Night and no one came? It was Bad Movie Night yesterday and it was just Samith and I. Usually we have from 4 to 12 people. Okay, usually we have 4-6 people, but we occasionally break double digits. Yesterday it was like the very first Bad Movie Nights […]

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My First Rib Fest

August 9, 2013


There were a lot of people there

While Lauren has been busy with home visits, I’ve been spending every waking hour at School getting computer things working and putting 3 classrooms in order. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve actually been spending a fair amount of time each day eating too. At the start of the busy season, Lauren and I stocked […]

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Thinkin’ ahead

June 5, 2013


Thinkin' ahead

A couple of weekends ago Lloyd and I cooked some brats on the grill when it was so blasted hot and our air conditioner hadn’t been fixed yet.. (Y’know, ‘brat’ should really be spelled differently. The way it stands now I just see/imagine naughty children getting a good sear.) Anyway, I came up with a […]

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Maui Day 4

June 4, 2013


Maui Day 4

Lauren here. Lloyd and I are not doing well in our coordinating of information. Here is his write-up of a couple of days ago. Lauren out. *********** If you’d like to read about Maui Day Three, Brad has a nice write up. Today started out like every other day in Maui with a refreshing morning […]

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