Too much multimedia

November 3, 2006


These Geeky posts are in the Meta category so that they don’t appear on the main page, but so that I have a spot to look back and see what changes I’ve made in case I ever need to undo them or duplicate them.

I had to add a plugin to WordPress to get the movie to showup on the MRI post. But it’s a fairly comprehensive plugin, and it also changed links to songs (.mp3) to “click to listen” buttons. That’s not what I wanted –at least not to the links to songs that were already on the site. I changed the file anarchy_media_player.php in the Anarchy Media plugin by changing the tag that it searches for to do the replacement from an anchor (A) tag to an (A3) tag which doesn’t exit in html. I’m assuming here that an actual (a3) tag would become a “play me” link, but I have not tested it.

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    What the…?


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    Let me be the firs…er…second to say, what the…?


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