New spot for Nativity

December 11, 2006

Journal, Lauren

Someday I’ll have to take pictures up close of our Nativity set.  It’s got large wooden pieces carved in some other country, and it’s very nice.  My favorite pieces are Shmoo Shepherd and Stingy Wise Man. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post their close-ups.

Anyway, I usually put them on top of the piano, but this year they’re in an upstairs window with sheets behind them to make them sillhouette-y.  (The picture to post would have been of me taking this picture.  Our camera doesn’t have a zoom, so I stood on a kitchen stool on the sidewalk.  Pretty classy, eh?)


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4 Responses to “New spot for Nativity”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Haha! Did anybody see you? When I was in front of my house taking pictures of a manhole, someone was pulling their car out of the bank parking lot. My flash was going off… their headlights were shining on me as I was squatting in the yard… it was beautiful!


  2. Annette Said on:

    Santa needs to leave a new camera for mamma this Christmas!

    Hey, and tread lightly on the Shmoo cracks. Some of your dearest friends could pose as shepherds on your sill!


  3. Beth Said on:



  4. Beth Said on:

    Oh, and go see my site people!!! I finally put something new up!!! (Sorry for the ad, but I knew I could get your attention this way.)


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