The first step toward getting better…

January 9, 2007

Journal, Lauren

Is admitting you have a problem. My dad calls me a pyromaniac, and perhaps he’s right. 

 In early January, a freakishly big ice storm hit parts of Nebraska (thankfully not our part).   If you want to see lots of pictures, go to here to see the rest.

I heard they needed something like 1500 new power poles.

Yikes, thatsa lotta ice

People out there were with out power for over a week.  Some towns are having central power lines put back up, other towns are running off of generators.  People out in the country won’t have regular power restored for months! 

Anyway, I started wondering what we would do if we were without heat for days.  Sure, I’ve got the concrete blocks and tealights, but what about when those tealights burn out?  Well - begin the experimenting with olive oil lamps!  Did you know that olive oil has an extremely high burn temperature?  If you knock over an olive oil lamp/candle (which I do not recommend trying), it will probably just put itself out.  Here’s the link I found to try my own candle. 

Here’s mine.  How lovely!

Give me oil in my lamp, keep it burning....

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10 Responses to “The first step toward getting better…”

  1. Beth Said on:

    And olive oil is such a lovely shade of olivey green. It does make a beautiful candle!


  2. Lauren's dad Said on:

    I tried to get into your website via Internet Explorer. At the bottom this showed up “media/anarchy.” I suppose it knew what is was doing; nada came up, except your opening lines and one-fourth of the picture. Yup, “media/anarchy!”
    Just imagine how much home made ice cream could be made with all the ice!


    • Annette Said on:

      Yes! Ice cream! When life give you an ice storm, make ice cream! I love it!


    • Lauren Said on:

      Lloyd will have to field this one, since I know just enough about computers to be dangerous! For instance, if you leave a computer in somebody’s path, they will most likely trip on it. Very dangerous.


    • Lloyd Said on:

      Yep, we’re no longer supporting internet explorer. It’s too much trouble to code around it’s non-stardard complient bugs. And if you do try to code around them, your website breaks in IE7. Can’t win. Why play? I recomment Firefox or Opera.


      • Beth Said on:

        Tell me how to add Firefox or Opera as our browser (I, a humble and lowly non-techy), please. I might try to figure it out on my own, but that would require effort, and I’m tired. I’m growing a human for gosh sakes, it’s exhausting!


  3. Brad Said on:

    I wonder what other common household things you can burn? heh heh heh… fire! heh heh heh…


  4. Lauren's mom Said on:

    “Give me oil in my lamp, keep it burning, burning, burning”
    (Remember that one?)


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