Poor widdle Pfennig

February 28, 2007

Journal, Phennig

I broke down and took Pfennig to the vet.  She’s had a crusty/goopy eye for an embarrassingly long amount of time.  (Since….December? I don’t know.)  She’s ok, just some conjunctivitis that may be blocking her tear ducts. The cute vet* said that we had two options – just do some eye medicine and hope that it cures everything, or put her under anesthesia and flush out her tear ducts with money.  Of course, I’m trying the eye cream first.

It is much more pleasant taking Pfennig to the vet than Cricket.  Cricket lashes out at everyone there and one time she bit all the way through my finger.  Pfennig just trembles and shoots fur out in clouds.  This time she got to stay in the box for the whole thing. (We don’t have a cat carrier since I gave it away with a kitten in it once.  The box is far funnier.)

Woe to me!

* I should say, “One of the cute vets”, for there are three – all cute.

What could happen if you let eye infections go too long?  Ned can tell you….

Avast, mateys!  Play me a sea chanty!!!!

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10 Responses to “Poor widdle Pfennig”

  1. Beth Said on:

    Bobbie is much more like Cricket concerning Vet visits…in fact, we just don’t go anymore because the trauma of last time has not worn off.
    Bobbie escaped ran across the highway, I left the car running with the door wide open, running across the highway myself praying we wouldn’t both be road kill. Had to crawl into a giant flower bed of Cannas (tall red spikey flowers), through the mud to capture an angry cat with all claws bared and shove her into my jacket hoping to make it to my car with only minor injuries…
    We don’t go to the vet anymore. We let her natural immunities take care of her…


  2. Jill Said on:

    Is that Dr. Ron? I can’t tell. Dr. Dan’s our favorite, but that’s because we know all of his college indiscretions. Hope Pfennig’s feeling better soon!


    • Lauren Said on:

      Yes, it was Dr. Ron. He holds a special place in my heart because he calls Pfennig ‘Penny’ -- like a good German boy!


  3. Brad Said on:

    Ned has one weepy eye right now. I’m afraid to take him to the vet. What if he needs some rediculous procedure that costs a million dollars? What would I do then? Let him die, or spend tons of money on a cat. On a cat!

    If he loses his eye, then at least he would look like a pirate. But if he dies because I didn’t get some $20 eye drops, I’ll feel kind of silly.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    My dog right now (who is 10) has torn ligaments in both of her knees & can’t walk like she used to, obviously … but the operations would cost $4,000. I already spent $400. on x-rays etc. The vet says she’s not in pain, she just walks like she’s a hundred. Really vet … I hadn’t noticed!


    • Beth Said on:

      You should YouTube her and see if you can start a viral virus…as sad as it is, it’s probably pretty funny, too.

      By the way, can anyone else see the caption for the Pfennig picture? I can’t.


      • Lauren Said on:

        It’s fixed now, I think.

        Brad -- it’s actually $45 worth of medicine. Well, that was the total cost. Out in your neck of the woods the office visit alone might be $100. (Plus they’d charge extra for having to touch your weird cat.)


  5. Lauren Said on:

    Did you all see Pirate Ned? He’s a late add-on.


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