Old Freezer

March 3, 2007

Journal, Lauren

This post was going to completely be an apology to Charles for not mentioning his birthday on Thursday.  (You share one with Ned, by the way!)  We have this little flip calendar that records birthdays & such, but I’m so behind with everything I never get it flipped to the new month until we’re several days into it. Oops.

Everybody's written in pencil in case they double-cross me and need erasing.

However, the big part of the post is our stupid freezer. (Coincidentally a hand-me-down from Charles & Deb.)  I went down to get some more cat food and noticed that the freezer door had pushed past it’s lock.  That only happens if I forget to lock it or if the ice has grown so much that it bursts free into our dimension.  Today was the latter.  So, a morning that I thought would be spent getting the basement ready for the Basement Fixers was instead spent wrist-deep in ice.   Yippee.

ice, ice baby.

 What I am extremely thankful for is that the food didn’t melt.  Almost everything was salvagable.  Last time this happened I had to make two meatloaves, three batches of chili, chicken curry, barbeque chicken and spaghetti sauce.  Whew!


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2 Responses to “Old Freezer”

  1. Beth Said on:

    That’s a stinkin’ lot of ice, ice baby. And while you were slaving away wrist deep in ice, what was Lloyd doing?

    By the way Happy (late) Birthday Charles!


  2. Brad Said on:

    I would LOVE this! The freezer in the teacher lunch room gets layers of ice in it and I go at it with a spoon before anyone else gets to school. It’s nice to get some aggressions out before the day starts.


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