From Russia with liebe

March 27, 2007

Journal, Lauren

Sunday’s out-and-abouting also took us to the Germans from Russia museum.  They were closed – boo.  We walked aroud their little campus though.  I always thought it was just one building, but it’s actually several.  They have an old-timey church, an old-timey store, an old-timey house, and a tiny little old-timey barn just big enough for one old-timey cow and several super-modern chickens. (We’ll have to actually go inside for proof, though.)

I totally feel like I'm in Germany. No, wait - Russia.  Germania?  Russany?  Whatever.

Kinda stony, don't you think? How rude.

Always reading.  What a dork.


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3 Responses to “From Russia with liebe”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I don’t think one is supposed to wear Hawaiian shirts until after Memorial Day.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    What a quiant museum!! And let me know Lloyd what the brochure says about the Germans from Russia having handicap accessibility way back when; is it their invention?

    (and I’m wearing a very similar shirt today & I’m not in the choir … they won’t let me in)


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