Right on schedule

April 5, 2007

Journal, Lauren

Yes, we are both out of school tomorrow!  The weekend was fraught with promise!  Would we have a zany adventure where we went to the airport with just a backpack of clean clothes and pick a random destination?  Would we go on a crazy window-shopping spree?  Or maybe just drive around Nebraska and take pictures of our rural state? 

None of the above.  I love Lloyd, I really do, but he has the uncanny ability to get sick almost every time we have a long weekend.  Today was no exception.  I’m not mad……. oh, who am I kidding?  I’m always mad. 

Here’s the arsenal so perhaps we can do something Saturday. 

Taking no chances.

(At least the lasagna was good.)


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11 Responses to “Right on schedule”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Maybe when he’s better, you could start looking for his gravesite. It would be an adventure AND make you feel better!

    Do you guys know where you’ll be buried? It’s never too soon to think about it, you know. Unless you’re me. I’m not going to die for a long, long time.


    • Lauren Said on:

      I’ve always wanted to be cremated, then put in the back of a pickup truck so someone can just drive around and scatter me. Cheap burial.


  2. karla Said on:

    Just last month my doc and I had a discussion about the much under-utilized saline nasal spray. I started using it and it’s saved me from 2 sinus infections! You can catch a glimpse of our most favorite Dr. Dan Galloway here: http://www.stanthonymedicalcenter.com/physicians/PhysicianDetails.aspx?ID=16

    He’s the best doctor ever. We love him.

    Hmmm, can I make that a link?


    • Beth Said on:

      With the way Lloyd’s nose runs, I shudder to think what adding a saline nasal spray would do…
      Stock in Kleenex anyone?


      • karla Said on:

        While I can’t speak for Lloyd’s nose, I do admit that was a concern of my own, until I tried it. It’s not the case! I also thought I would just be adding to a growing cesspool and compounding my problems, but it really did help! I was really shocked.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    All I can say is WIOY GSLOMH ;;PUF! Oops … I was rudely interrupted & my hands slid over on the keyboard … Try again … QUIT FAKING LLOYD! If you want to nap all day on a day off, just fess up … we’ll all understand. Honestly, sick every day off ….


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