He’s got a tablecloth

April 17, 2007

Journal, Lauren, Lloyd

Lloyd was going to post this yesterday when I didn’t feel well, but he couldn’t find the pictures. (Whatever.) We had to go to Wal-Mart for some school stuff, and we splurged a little to celebrate our tax refund. He bought a new razor, I bought an ear thermometer because I was sure I had a temperature. (I didn’t.)

Holy razors, Batman!

(Sidebar) One of the three-year-olds at school looks exactly like a tiny little Garth Brooks, and he talks with a significant snuffle. The other day he woke from nap, sat in my lap, grabbed my hand and placed it on his forehead. “I’m hot. I fink I haff a tablecloth.” (temperature)

So – drat my incredible immune system and Lloyd’s failing one – Lloyd came home with a fever today! He walked in the door looking beet red and said, “I think I have a tablecloth.” So, should anyone at his school doubt him:

Dang it, that was supposed to be my fever!

You can’t see it because the picture’s so blurry, but there’s a little sad face in the bottom corner that sympathizes with you when you’re sick. Guess I’d better call one of those new-fangled ‘doctors’…. or else get a jar of leeches…

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15 Responses to “He’s got a tablecloth”

  1. The IT Said on:

    I’m sorry to hear that you once again have an ailment Oldest Brother. I could tell you the CURE to your ailment but it’s a matter of National Security and I do believe you are lacking in a Clearance.

    So my Words of advise is to get lots of rest and plenty of those Vitamin thingies.


  2. christina Said on:

    Dad says you had a 105 degree fever when you were about 1 year old. He said it was scary, but he put you in the bathtub and drenched you with cold water. Mom was in the hospital, so can you imagine Dad taking care of you all by himself. Apparently, you were a lot of trouble then as well as now.

    Mom and Dad arrived here to visit today. They actually flew on a REAL airplane. Mom says you are silly. I have not told her you are sick yet. Now she feels bad that she said you are silly.

    Good luck with your cold.


  3. Brad Said on:

    Sympathy from TWO syblings?!? You’re lucky, Lloyd!

    Lauren, I say you throw Lloyd in the bathtub with some cold water! You can do it while wearing a frowny face so he knows you sympathize with him.


    • Brad Said on:

      Dang it! Yesterday I wrote “rooves” and now I misspelled “siblings”. Am I Lloyd or something?


      • Lloyd Said on:

        My dad can’t spell either, so I come by it naturally. Many-a-times you’d hear ringing out in the Sommerer house, “Jane, how do you spell ‘cat’?”.

        Note the use of logical punctuation in the above sentence? It’s the wave of the future. Best get on board now, boys.


        • christina Said on:

          It was much funnier when Mom was at work and Dad would try to ask one of us how to spell something. Can you imagine Lloyd giving someone spelling instructions.

          You’d think we would spell great considering we had to right out misspelled words 50 times a week at school.


    • Lauren Said on:

      Ha!  (That’s for your funny, not your terrible spelling.)


  4. Peggy Said on:

    10th Comment now commenting! (whew & it’s so early)

    (I’m pretty sure there’s a lifetime warranty on defective spouses as long as you sent in the registration card within 30 days of the marriage … but really who ever remembers to do)


  5. Peggy Said on:



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