Update 2

April 22, 2007

Journal, Lauren, Lloyd

He’s up and about, and doing well.  He had to lie still for six hours after the catheter was removed so he wouldn’t mess up the clotting of that wound.  We had some visitors during that time: Beth stopped by on her way back from Missouri and brought some ‘Dishes of Happiness’ – some yummy candy for Lloyd an pop for me  (Thanks, Beth!) Then the Kollipara crew dropped by with more goodies!  Ian and Brighton drew some wonderful pictures, Stephannie made up a box of candy, pop and games to keep Lloyd occupied, and Samith provided Lloyd’s lifeline – a wireless internet connection for the laptop so Lloyd can check his baseball scores! (The hospital computer we’ve been using blocks that site.) Thanks to them, the six hours passed quickly.  (Although, Lloyd can tell you his ‘peeing lying down into a bottle’ story later.)

This evening he showered, put some clothes back on, and we videotaped his geometry lesson for the 7th graders.  He used the whiteboard in one of the conference rooms, and it went quite well!  I hope they like it. 

We’re heading for bed.  Tomorrow I’ll go back to Seward to teach in the morning, then back here.  We’ll keep you ‘posted’!

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3 Responses to “Update 2”

  1. Kim (Brad's School Neighbor) Said on:

    Hey Lloyd, Hope you spent a peaceful night (which never happens at a hospital!) Do whatever they tell you and get better soon.


  2. Beth Said on:

    What I want to see is a webcast of that lesson…get on that, would you? 🙂


  3. Lloyd Said on:

    I was thinking of asking Lauren to snag a Macintosh from school so I could edit the next video. Transitions, cool effects, graphics, voice overs…


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