A good snack

May 13, 2007

Journal, Lauren

Going along with the superpowers theme, anytime I’m around glazed doughnuts I say, “Doughnuts are my Kryptonite.”  I can usually do without sweets, but a fresh-made doughnut is hard to pass up.  (Brad and I used to share a doughnut-making job at a bakery here in college.   I would snitch doughnut holes and drink Pepsi all night long – no sleeping for me!)

Anyway, I’ve found a new love, and it’s actually ‘healthy’!  Nutella on Healthy Choice Seven-Grain bread. Nutella has 0% sodium, in case you’re curious.  (And they’re not even paying me to say this.)  Just typing this, I remember when my dad would occasionally bring home a chocolate long john on Saturday mornings – he started the addiction!  Thanks, Dad!  (Really – thanks!!)

Putting the 'ella' back in Nutella.

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3 Responses to “A good snack”

  1. karla Said on:

    I love, love, love Nutella. Becky Hollibaugh (pardon me, Dr. Hollibaugh) turned us onto that when we were all serving time in Minnesota. I swear, that stuff makes anything taste great -- necturines, strawberries, apples, graham crackers, eggo waffles! I never tried it on brussel sprouts, though… hmmm…


  2. Beth Said on:

    Mom and Dad Martens (I have official permission to call them that, even though I was a Singer…I house sat for them for a couple months and they granted me permission) brought back some Nutella from Europe for me. I’ve been buying it fairly regularly ever since. It’s like chocolate butter…Mmmmm…


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Nu tella me … Dees is a … watt do you call a … a … a …. “stapull” in every Italiano house-a-hold!


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