Foldy Bowl

May 20, 2007

Gadget, Lauren

I love gadgets – or at least the thinking that goes into most gadgets.  (There are some that are completely useless – like the machine that scrambles an egg while it’s still in the shell for ‘easy scrambled eggs’!  Are you kidding me? How hard is it to scramble an egg?)

Anyway, I’ve been visiting a guy’s website, , and if you click on the categories on the left side he’s got articles on all kinds of cool stuff.  I’m drawn to the backpacking things, because even though I’ll never hike in my life, I like all the stuff that goes along with it – the tiny pots, the tiny tents, it’s all good.  One of the things he wrote about was a set of foldable dishes.  They snap or fold together to make a cup, plate or bowl, then unsnap for easy packing.  I remembered that my sister had sent me one of those years ago!  I’d played around with it, but never used it for actual eating.  Well, I tested it can can vouch for it’s bowl-ness.  Behold:

Bowl or frisbee?

Folded, with a little life-giving Life cereal.  (I'd already eaten First Breakfast.)


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4 Responses to “Foldy Bowl”

  1. Peggy Said on:

    Being somewhat of a gadget lover myself, I thought my kids would LOVE the new Fold-A-Boat. They love to fish & often rent boats . I heard of a boat that folds up flat that you can put on the roof of your car. My kids laughed me out of Dodge … “There’s no way we’d pull up, unfold our boat & go fishing!!!” I laugh now too at how dorky that would look. I don’t think a bowl is in the same category … unless you take it along to a restaurant to use …


  2. Lauren Said on:

    I saw that boat on t.v. -- you go buy it, Peggy!  It wouldn’t be dorky, it would be awesome!!


  3. Brad Said on:

    I LOVE first breakfast. It’s my favorite!


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