Ian and Vesty

May 29, 2007

Journal, Lauren

On Sunday our friends the Kolliparas came for church, and afterwards we hung out here with the Pesters. (Stephannie brought all the food!) Ian – their oldest son – brought along ‘Vesty’ and told me how he took him to school along with the little book, “The Story of Vesty”.  (Brad, you’ll appreciate this, because I vaguely remember making Vesty, and have no recollection of making the book.)

Vesty is a little stuffed creature made from the red vest that Lloyd wore in Samith and Stephannie’s wedding.  The groomsmen got to keep the vests, which were sewn for them by…..? I forget.  When Ian was born, I thought it would be sweet to make a teddy bear from it.  Yeah – did I mention that I don’t sew very well?  Vesty came out looking a little like the Quizno’s Subs guy, but Ian loves him anyway. How sweet!

How nice that he loves that weird little guy...

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8 Responses to “Ian and Vesty”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Yeow! Ian is getting big.

    What is the story of Vesty? That he’s a monster created by a mad scientist out of groomsman body parts?
    “Fire… bad… Aauugh…”


    • Lauren Said on:

      You really expect me to remember the story? Well, I guess since I saw it on Sunday some details might be in my head. It was in rhyme, with some digital pictures, and it was something about a vest. Does that help?


  2. Beth Said on:

    I think everyone should have a strange stuffed creature made of some wedding material…it’s almost like those bridesmaid dresses would become useful for something…

    (On a side note, I have boxed up every bridesmaid dress I’ve worn and sent it back to the bride and told her to put it with her dress for a 50th anniversary display…one more way to rid my house of clutter.)


  3. Kristi Said on:

    Did you seriously do this? I had grand dreams of shortening my one and only bridesmaid dress, to make a cute summer dress. Alas, it never happened. It still hangs in its dry-cleaning bag, never worn again. Maybe I should send it to my friend, too.


  4. Beth Said on:

    I really did! And as a bonus when I got married I received two bridesmaid dresses back that I store with my wedding dress. It’s a nice keepsake, really.


  5. Michele Said on:

    With four brothers, a best friend, and a close cousin, I have TOO many of those bridesmaid dresses (2 red, 1 royal blue, 1 cranberry, 1 teal, a black dress with a white jacket, and I forget the other one.) They remind me of how skinny I was before three kids -- I guess that’s why I keep them. BUT I would love to get rid of the one I wore for my brother John’s wedding -- I was pregnant with my third and feeling like a beached whale. My mother had to custom-make mine. Of course now with my brother gone, maybe I should make special “Vesty” creatures for his four kids. Yeah right! I’ll do that right after I read a whole book -- ha! I like Beth’s idea better!


  6. Stephannie Said on:

    I can tell you who made the vests -- I DID! I sewed each and every vest all by myself for our wedding. I tried to do ties as well, but I just gave up on those….


    • Lauren Said on:

      You are like Vera Wang to me, then! I can only sew straight things, like a very basic curtain. Vests have lots of curves!!!!


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