Lloyd’s Day(s) of Fun

June 10, 2007

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Note: we're only having Lloyd's day of Fun from now on. They turn out better. First stop: the Omaha Public Library's Book Sale.

It’s a bunch of pictures if you click on this!

Then various shoppes in the Old Market: Antiques, Candies, Gagets...

Lauren wanted to walk to the park where we saw some sishies a few years ago. They wouldn't let her slide on the slide.

Yeah sishies.

We decide to walk around the park for a bit.

What's that over the next hill?

On Lloyd's day of fun they have fairs.

Wait, not just a fair, Taste of Omaha with music and food. The band is played a Bo Diddly like cover of Ring of Fire.

Then on to a used book store that is moving. Everything is 80% off.

What wonderfull books. Total cost... $16.00

Then fresh ice cream. Pink Lemonade for Lloyd and Dutch Chocolate for Lauren. Lauren's white pants came out unscathed.

Suckers. We came out of the casino 2 hours older and $2.14 richer AND had a free coffee and 2 free sodas.

Next week Taylor Hicks will be in this very spot. Will Lauren and Annette go?

William Shatner comes through for us again with a $40.00 room in the Crown Plaza.

Then off to the movies. 2 Free tickets thanks to sitting through 20 bad movie nights.

Next morning we're off to a neat outdoor mall. We arrive early and just walk around.

Lunch at the Tin Star. Yummy soft tacos filled with strange things. Lloyd had one with carrots, blue cheese and buffalo wings.

Last stop... The Apple store. It was busy, but the people were nice and the gadgets were wonderful.

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Lloyd Sommerer is a middle/high school teacher who likes to build websites, read books, grow beards, make fun of Lauren’s prototypes and eat the sauce of the picante.

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15 Responses to “Lloyd’s Day(s) of Fun”

  1. Lloyd Said on:

    Things not covered in Lloyd’s day of fun, and not necessarily because we lacked photos and/or movies of the events:

    1. the wedding in the park
    2. the wedding reception at Crown Plaza (same couple?)
    3. the huge bat outside the movie theatre (I’m batman).
    4. the lady at the Runza who wouldn’t let me pay for my $11.02 meal with 8 Runza Bucks and a ten dollar bill because, “I can’t give you cash for Runza Bucks“, but who could certainly give me change for my ten-spot and then accept 8 Runza Bucks and 4 ones.
    5. the crazy women in the old market who wouldn’t leave the poor guy on the other end of the phone alone until he “!@#$%^& told her that he loved her, *(+^ %-.”
    6. the reunion for the class of 1987 going on at our hotel; boy those guys looked old
    7. brad warning us to stay until after the credits for Pirates of the Caribbean: There’s No Way You’ll Be Able To Follow This Plot, but not telling bladder girl that the movie was three hours long
    8. the three pimped out rice rockets that we raced around a deserted business park with while sort of looking for a place to buy hot wings after the movie
    9. the rather dapper waiter who had to go back and check with his manager to see if they were still open so as to serve us hot wings (they were open, but didn’t actually have said wings)
    10. the huge granite sphere at the outside mall that was floating on a stream of water; there is said to be an even bigger granite sphere at the zoo which we hope to see floating next week
    11. the fabulous gift that we got for Deborah
    12. the vane search for a new spatchula and colander which resulted in the realization that we need another slotted spoon
    13. Kate’s husband’s daughter’s graduation party
    14. some strange and perhaps occultic gathering of Lauren’s staff taking place even as I write this.

    I guess that about covers it.


  2. Lloyd's Mom Said on:

    Not sure where you went or what you did (except the movie) but it looks like some fun spots to me.


    • Lloyd Said on:

      If you hold your mouse (well, actually the mouse cursor) over the pictures you get a little description. Maybe that will help.


  3. Beth Said on:

    Man, for two people who so relish lying around on the couch and napping, you did enough in two days to warrant a week’s worth of napping! Whew!

    PS I’m mostly envious and hate you just a little for all the fun you had.


    • Brad Said on:

      This was also a week’s worth of posts. Yikes! But it looks like a cool weekend, dang it. I’m envious too.


      • Lauren Said on:

        It turns out that the key was ‘no expectations’. Whenever we set out to have fun, it turns out terribly. We were just ‘going to Omaha and spending the night’. Everything else just happened! Looking back, we’ve decided that this was our vacation.


      • Lloyd Said on:

        You’re right. It’s a lot of good material to use up all at once, but (a) I would have just forgotten to write about most of it anyway and (b) I didn’t know how else to show how much happened in 2 days.


  4. Kristi Said on:

    A comment on comment #6… An old-looking class of 1987, you say? And what year did you graduate, you young pup?


    • Lloyd Said on:

      We’re going to make Brad plan our 20th reunion this summer. He won’t get to leave until it’s done and has a website.


      • Karla Said on:

        Does that mean we can attend via webcam? I hope so. I want to prop up a picture of me from high school in front of it, so everyone will say, “Wow! Karla hasn’t changed a bit!” 🙂


  5. Peggy Said on:

    Lloyd … did you hear the voice?
    If you build it, he will come. Ease his pain. Go the distance.


  6. Kristi Said on:

    I spy a low-salt cookbook. Shouldn’t that be in the kitchen?


    • Lloyd Said on:

      The first topic in the low-salt cookbook was how to get used to the fact that food just isn’t going to taste as good. We’re not being so picky about the salt anymore.


  7. Mark Said on:

    HEY!!! I’m class of ’87. Who you callin’ OLD????


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