Heit’s Point II

July 9, 2007


Some more photos of our weekend!

Lloyd, Anna and Gracen jammed out to ‘Jungle Boogie’ on his iPhone.

White boy can't dance.

How’s this for fame?  Maybe we should advertise our website on ketchup bottles!

Catsup? Ketchup?

Here is the famed giant bacon pan.  I foolishly forgot to have a quarter for scale.  It’s enormous.

You could bathe in this pan.

Uncle Mahlon entertained the kids while the moms were at Steve and Melanie’s baby shower.

Better than the circus!

This is Quentin, a super-cute dude.  I absolutely loved his shirt, and I’m so sad that it turned out blurry.  It read, “I am Tracy Allen’s little boy and my daddy’s name is Curtis.”  EVERYBODY should wear a shirt like that – it would really help me keep track!

 He's so dang cute!

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    I love your web site. Thank you for the great pictures, When I need my spirits lifted, I just check in with you. All my love. Aunt Lolly


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