For the Mat Gallery

August 5, 2007


This was an experiment during one of my busy nights – individual fried bacon mats. They cooked quickly (about five minutes) but fell apart on the third flip. Nothing like trying to re-weave hot bacon as it fries. Plus they weren’t as nice and flat as baked bacon. Mission accomplished, though. Next time I might try microwaving, but I’m sure the texture would suffer.


Cooked and tragic

I wrote this post before Peggy sent me some fantastic pictures!  Hopefully this week I’ll get the gallery started, but I gotta tell you – Peggy will win all the prizes.


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4 Responses to “For the Mat Gallery”

  1. Peggy Said on:

    I used 4 x 4 full pieces to make a fried mini mat. I let it cook a while on the first side before flipping. By the time it shrunk, it was the perfect size for the sandwich, no trimming required. I drained it on a paper towel. It tasted gooood! And the opinion in my house is bacon is bacon no matter how it looks & you better get some quick!


  2. Brad Said on:

    You guys are going to be the world’s foremost experts in baconmatology. You could write a book like Play with your Food. Seriously. When you’re rich and famous, don’t forget us little guys!


  3. karla Said on:

    Do those qualify as Bacon Potholders?


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