September 2, 2007

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Let’s face it – the real reason I got married is so that somebody could take care of the big bugs.  (My mom doesn’t live here or she’d do it.)  Today I was sweeping the basement and a GIGANTIC spider as big as a VW crawled out from under a toolbox.  I was petrified.  Lloyd was still sleeping, so I didn’t know if I should wake him up, or try to get to it myself.  Ha ha ha ha ha – like that would happen.  I slapped a bucket over it and waited for Lloyd to get up and ‘take care of it’. (Ok, I’m such an animal lover that I asked him to put it in the yard.  No sense in one of God’s creatures dying because I’m phobic.)


The rest of the day was spent cleaning and scraping the paint off the front door threshold.  (I noticed how really bad it was when I posted about the Trade and Transaction.)  It involved lots of paint remover goop, scraping, and then washing with mineral spirits.  I felt like Brad!  Anyway, I had to leave the door open to let it dry, and when I went out tonight to close it  – a huge dragonfly flew in the entryway!  I hollered for Lloyd to save me, and though he tried valiantly to get it out, it’s still there.  It was pretty entertaining for Cricket, though!

Can you see it?  It's on the back of the Magna Doodle.

Note to self: Leave house via back door tomorrow.

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14 Responses to “Bugs!!”

  1. Karla Said on:

    Jeez! That thing looks big enough to ride on! I hope he doesn’t fly off with Cricket.


  2. Brad Said on:

    I sprayed a giant spider into submission with WD-40 once, but when I came back later, it was gone. I don’t know what I’d do about a dragonfly though. Maybe Lloyd could get it with a sheet like he does bats.


  3. Lauren's dad Said on:

    If it was as big as a VW, wouldn’t it have been a beetle?


  4. Peggy Said on:

    I feel your pain! For those I already told this to, skip ahead to next comment:

    Because my family is warped, we often leave odd things around for each other … fake poop, bugs, severed arms …
    Well, the other night I thought my kids were messing with me when I saw a little black snake in my downstairs family room … but no … it was frickin’ ALIVE!!!

    Note to Lauren: It was relocated to the woods behind my house.
    Note to Brad: Don’t use “409” on wasps. It only angers them more. (I speak from experience)


  5. Peggy Said on:

    PS Why do you have a Magna Doodle on your front door?
    Do people actually leave messages?


    • Annette Said on:

      Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Chandler leave messages all the time!


    • Lloyd Said on:

      We do get a surprising number of messages. Joe Hurl’s was the best “Thanks for the help” with an arrow pointing down to a bottle of wine. The finest wine I have ever tasted, by the way.


  6. Kristi Said on:

    It looks to me as if Cricket is behind bars. Cricket spies a flashlight in the distance and jumps for joy because Cricket is going to be sprung free!!


  7. Rae, formerly known as Rachel Said on:

    Lauren, I once called my dad long distance because there was a big bug in my apartment that flew in and landed with a loud thud. I put a large cup over it, slid a book under it (having to pry loose it’s claws from my carpet) and then carried it to the door and flung it out. I kid you not -- I heard it land out in the yard. Very scary and traumatic. (I would have just killed it, but I was worried that I would miss or not hit it hard enough and then live to regret it.)


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