Remember the kitten?

September 11, 2007

Journal, Lauren

If you’re eating breakfast, you may want to pass on this.

Remember the horrible, horrible day back in July?  Then the next day I had to take the stray kitten to the vet.  Well, when that little guy bit me, it was like getting my finger caught in a tiny, tiny bear trap.  I knew it had punctured the nail, and I knew it was going to be bad growing out, but I certainly didn’t think that it would take this long.  I have new nail coming in, but the ruined part is dangerously close to the tip.  This is bad, because I am a nail fiddler.  (It sounds much nicer than ‘a person who rips at the skin on my fingers when I’m nervous/angry/irritated/bored’.)  I’ve been cutting all of my nails impossibly short to break this habit, because I have no idea if the bad nail is going to become detached from my finger.  The horrors!  (The middle finger got it, too, but it’s not as bad.)

Bye' nail.  You're on your way out.

So, the real reason I’m telling this gross story is that I can’t post a picture of my little toe, which I’m pretty sure I broke this morning when a glass fell on it.  My fingers may look bad, but my feet are worse.

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23 Responses to “Remember the kitten?”

  1. Karla Said on:

    I was just thinking about you and the cat, and Lloyd and his ticker this evening. You obviously don’t have rabies. How’s Lloyd?
    Post a picture of your foot! I’ve broken 3 little toes and badly sprained both ankles (the toes were separate, but the ankles were at the same time). Foot injuries make for some great bruises! Com’on -- let’s see!!


  2. Brad Said on:

    Maybe you could just wear mittens all the time until your nails grow out.


  3. Michele Said on:

    Lauren -- this is too funny, because I was JUST thinking about that picture of you at the vet and the comment I never posted. Back when it happened I told Brad my first impression of the picture (I always look at pictures before reading!) He said I should have TOTALLY made the comment, but I never did.
    ANYWAY -- when I first saw that picture of you sitting there next to the magazine rack AND it had a baby magazine in it AND your fingers appeared to be crossed, I was SURE that you were hoping to be pregnant -- ha!


  4. Beth Said on:

    What I want to know is…did you intentionally post on 9/11 at 9:11?


  5. Peggy Said on:

    SHOW US THE TOE, please! The finger really looks like you just have some chocolate on it. WE WANT GROSS … WE WANT GROSS!!!!

    (btw: I broke my big toe once while getting a pedicure and I couldn’t even count the number of colors my nail turned … ewwww!)


    • Michele Said on:

      Peggy, Peggy, Peggy -- you are an endless source of medical stories. It’s a wonder you are still alive!


    • Beth Said on:

      While getting a pedicure? How did that happen? don’t you just sit there and let your feet soak and have them pumice away all your callouses? That must have been some pumice stone they used…


      • Peggy Said on:

        It was my 1st & only pedicure, a gift from a friend. The girl said “Sit in the chair,” so I stepped in the tub full of soapy water to get in the chair (not realizing the chair swiveled) and slipped full throttle into the ceramic basin front. My toe never healed right, ’cause I can’t bend that toe down now. My whole toe was 1st black & blue, then purple, then greenish, yellowish. Lovely!


    • Lauren Said on:

      It’s not that my hurt toe looks gross -- it’s my feet in general. They’re not good feet.


  6. Peggy Said on:

    My first hospital visit was at 2 months old … and did I ever tell you about the time I was riding on the back of a friends bike & she crashed in some gravel, ran home leaving me bleeding from my busted knee really bad. Then Joann Sauers (who was behind us) ran over me with her bike, literally. Knocked me down & rode right over my back, my face smashed in the alley. Mr. Cole, who witnessed the event, had to carry me home. I had those trend marks on my back for a week & still have the scar on my knee. I was 8.


  7. Beth Said on:

    Laughing….laughing….’til I’m breathless and crying…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA….
    But I’m really sorry for you…


  8. Karla Said on:

    Spring break of ’05 we were going to go to DC. The day we were going to leave, I left work early to get some things done at home. An hour or so before we were hoping to leave, I went downstairs to get some laundry, only I wasn’t paying attention. I stepped out because I thought I was at the last step only to catch the next step. My ankle turned with a pop. I stepped out again expecting to hit the basement floor only to catch the next step with my other foot. That ankle turned and popped. Having run out of ankles, I fell down the last step and landed on the basement floor. Arron was vaccuming out the van and couldn’t hear me yell for him, so I had to drag myself up the long 11 steps to the main floor. I had just reached the kitchen when Arron came into the house to find me laying on the floor.

    An ambulance ride later I was getting x-rays of my ankles done. They knew the one was a bad sprain, but thought the other might be broken, so they sent me home with a splint and crutches (for 2 bad ankles?).

    4 days later I started having a terrible pain in my URQ (upper right quadrant). Arron called my doctor (I was under the care of an OB at the time) who said it sounded like my gallbladder and to give me a pepcid. After I threw that up, he took me back to the ER. The same doctors greeted me and asked me how my ankles were. It was so embarrassing. And yes, it was my gallbladder.

    Our vacation was effectively cancelled, and believe it or not, things got worse after that!!


      • Karla Said on:

        Go ahead and laugh. We do -- crying wasn’t going to fix anything, as pathetic as it all was. Now I’m the proud owner of a pair of crutches and a spiffy boot with air cushions in it! The bruise on the really bad ankle lasted from March to the end of the year. I was starting to think it was permanent!


        • Deanne Said on:

          Karla, why don’t you post a picture of your ankles, and then maybe Lauren will get up the nerve to show us her toes…?

          (I’ve never really been hurt, much less taken a picture of it, so I don’t have anything to offer…)

          (Remember, we have nice, independent space in our fully-finished walk-out basement for your next trip to DC…)


          • karla Said on:

            We never did take any pictures and once it was over, I was really sad we didn’t. But I was so uncomfortable, and thinking so hard about how to get from my chair to the bathroom without pain(ended up scooting over to a secretary chair and rolled backwards down the hall by propelling myself backwards) that I really didn’t want taken. Maybe next time? Gee, I really hope there isn’t a next time.

            And yes, I keep thinking about your beautiful basement for our next trip to DC. 😀

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