A new low

November 13, 2007

Journal, Lauren

Today was a difficult day. I’m not looking for pity here, it was just emotionally trying. Anyway, I got home this evening and needed to do some laundry, make a few more videos for tomorrow’s conferences, and of course – watch House. The commercials were a flurry of dirty clothes, DVD’s, emptying trash cans, and getting some wine to drink. I had a headache, since I didn’t drink any caffeine in the afternoon, but 8 p.m. is too late to drink a Pepsi. So, I had a little wine – straight from the box. Target has their individual servings on the shelf again! They’re sold in the cutest little four-pack, and usually I’m well-mannered enough to pour it into a glass, but not tonight. Nope, pop the top off and drink it straight. At least I didn’t use a straw! I’ve got some semblance of class.

Not for individual sale in USA.    Canada's ok.

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13 Responses to “A new low”

  1. Brad Said on:

    A juice box full of wine? Haha! Just don’t take them to work. It could be disastrous! What if somebody got into them? And I’m not talking about the kids. *cough*Annette*cough*


  2. Karla Said on:

    I think you got a headache from ham.


  3. Deanne Said on:

    In our socialist state of Maryland (the state that began Prohibition), we have to buy through state-run stores. So we can just forget bargains like you guys get at Target or Sam’s.

    *Sigh* Enjoy your cute little boxed wine…


  4. Peggy Said on:

    I love the little individual serving! Does anyone in MD know if you can buy these at a liquor store? I have a headache.


  5. Michele Said on:

    Your cute little four-pack is nice, but I chose to get four REGULAR size bottles of merlot-cabernet last night. 🙂 I didn’t pop a cork last night, but it’s sure nice to know it’s handy in an emergency.
    I’m quite jealous of your Target. No wine here at our Targets, but I did manage to snag a few sweaters the other night!


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