Max Flax

December 30, 2007

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Do you know how much flaxseed meal Brad Royuk eats every day? A surprising amount. See this?


That spoon is piled higher than Marge Simpson’s hair! And he eats two of them! *Jibblie* Looks like a compost pile.

So much flaxseed!

Peggy, the rest of this post is for you. I wanted to test the terra cotta saucer thing, so I got one at Wal-Mart. I wanted a big one, but they only had a six-inch-diameter one. That actually worked out fine for my little loaf. I believe I could bake a larger one on it, and the cost for this little miracle? Ninety-seven cents! (I’m pretty sure it’s going to crack eventually, though. They only had one, and it has a little fissure in it.)

I sprinkled some of the flaxseed meal on the bread before I baked it, and let me just say – don’t do that. Those oil-filled flecks burnt like firewood. Not tasty.

You're tired of the bread pictures, aren't you?

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12 Responses to “Max Flax”

  1. Michele Said on:

    Holy flaxseed Superman -- is that you? The glasses threw me off AND what the heck are you wearing?
    Lauren -- where’s the womforter in that window? Our boy might catch a chill!


  2. Brad Said on:

    I’m wearing my black fuzzy robe. I brought it from Baltimore because I needed something to help fill my giant suitcase. And because I was a little worried that the thermostat would be set at 50.


  3. Beth Said on:

    Oh, and by the way…I’ll be trying that bread recipe today…but if I like it, someone will need to buy me a pizza peel. I don’t think Tara likes me using her play-doh cutting board very much.


    • Lauren Said on:

      How ironic that you should bring up the peel topic. I’m finding that to avoid sprinkling cornmeal all over my oven, now I’m putting cornmeal on the pizza peel, dough on that, and then when it’s time to put it in the oven, I scoop up the dough with a spatula.


      • Peggy Said on:

        I don’t have a pizza peel either. I use a cutting board. And I have a hard time getting it off with a spatula. I wonder if my dough is too wet? Anyway, thanks for the tip. I may just break down & buy a regular stoneware thingy. Either way, I’m off to Walmart.

        BTW: I made the bread using your recipe exactly. The 1st loaf was devoured, so I made the rest & it was devoured. I guess in my house there will be no “just pull a piece off & bake it” each day … unless I pick up a 13 gallon tub at Walmart too.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Oh and Lauren—could you do me a favor? Measure Brad’s flaxseed with a real measuring spoon,—I swear that heaping spoon full is more than a tablespoon.


  5. Hartland Said on:

    Too bad you are so far away from Clubb’s. We have saucers up to 16 inches in diameter. I know someone who is coming that way.


  6. Hartland Said on:

    Yes, up to and including. Give me a size you prefer and I will send it by courier.


    • Lauren Said on:

      Assuming your courier won’t be detained by any transit authorities, we’ll take the biggest one you’ve got! Charge it to my parents -- they’re good for it. 🙂


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