Delightfully Slow Sunday

January 6, 2008

Journal, Lauren

Not much happened around the Sommerer’s today.  We made our weekly pilgrimage to Wal-Mart after church, discovering on the way that I left my purse under the pew.  (Thank you, Beth, for rescuing it.)  We bought our normal stuff, but this time – a pomegranate, which is really hard to spell.

We’ve eaten these before, but have ruined our clothes with all the squirting. I was going to try the “cut it in half and whack it with a spoon” method, but then I found an interesting method on the internet.  You cut off the top skin like a jack-o-lantern, then cut where you see the five membranes.  (I just guessed where they were, that’s why I have six.)  Then you peel it open – that was cool!  I ended up whacking the seeds out anyway, but this was much less messy than before.


Like a crazy flower or something.

Lloyd spent the ENTIRE DAY sitting in front of the computer writing a program that does something with the ‘Laurenburg’ thing.  I believe you’ll see it to the right, and it would be nice if you looked at it and oohed and ahhed.  Thanks.  Also, tell him that he needs to exercise a little to keep his blood from pooling in his butt and feet.

Seven hours in this position.  Seven hours.  (so far.)

Only Subway sandwiches and Icees keep him alive.

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15 Responses to “Delightfully Slow Sunday”

  1. Karla Said on:

    Ohh! Cool stats! Good job Lloyd!

    I was stupid and brought a pom to work to eat -- yup, sprayed juice all over my shirt. I ended up soaking the shirt in the pet cleaner Nature’s Miracle. It sat in a Ziploc bag for a month (because I was too lazy to do anything with it) but when I took it out, the spots were gone! It was a miracle! But I haven’t had the guts to try a pom since. Maybe some day I’ll try your method.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Seven hours in that same position? With no slanket or sweater … are you sure he’s not frozen?

    Great sidebar, btw!!!!


  3. Lloyd Said on:

    I did do a couple of things that Lauren wanted. For instance, when you look at the second (and presumably subsequent) pages of the website the first post is no longer at the top. And you can now write comments on the pages of the site that are not actually posts (like the bacon mat gallery). Luckily, I could do those things without changing position.

    You can read more about what I was actually doing here.


  4. Deanne Said on:

    When I first got married to my geek, I was very concerned about the thing about staying in the same position for hours on end. In fact, sometimes I got jealous, especially when he worked at night instead of warming me up.

    Now I’ve accepted his “other” and I’m good with it. It keeps me connected!!


  5. Brad Said on:

    When I sit at the computer for seven hours, it’s not for something silly like work. It’s because I’ve been playing Bejeweled and watching funny cat movies on YouTube.


  6. Lloyd Said on:

    Hey, someone click on the Unemployment link, Laurenburg needs jobs. And, more to the point, it looks like “(help)” isn’t all that great an indication that you can click there to “help out with the unemployment”. Any suggestions?


    • Peggy Said on:

      Yea … “Click here”


      • Lloyd Said on:

        I might change it so that it doesn’t show the “(add one)” link unless the other quantities are all okay.


    • Brad Said on:

      I think the “help” is okay.

      The “once per day” rule is based on the clock in the country where this site is hosted. I already clicked last night, so I have to wait until it becomes January 8 in… France? Is that where this is?

      And how does it know you clicked? If one of us clicks at school, does that mean no one else can?


      • Lloyd Said on:

        I’m pretty sure it’s “one click per IP address” which means one click from your (and my) whole school. But home/school/work are different. And you’re right, it’s from France.


  7. Beth Said on:

    Tara, upon seeing that weird first picture, said, “is that a pizza?”
    I’m weirded out by those pictures. It’s enough to make me not ever eat a pomegranate.


    • Deanne Said on:

      Ooooh, you’re missing out! That whole family has some yummy fruits, although many have a wierd look to them…


  8. Christina Said on:

    this is Brittney’s favorite fruit ( I guess it is a fruit?) Whenever they have them at the store, and I let her go grocery shopping with me, it is the most important extra thing she tries to slip into the cart. The whole slipping extra things into the cart is why I try not to let anyone go grocery shopping with me. I mean, if we are going to have snacks, they should be what I want to eat, right?


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