Right back atcha, Brad.

January 28, 2008

Journal, Lauren

Ok, so maybe cookie dough for dinner isn’t so bad. I had plans to fill us up with melted cheese for dinner (making fondue), but I bought the wrong cheese. So, we relied on cheesey fallback option – mac ‘n cheese. Lloyd and I have different methods of eating this timeless classic. I like to nuke a spoonful of diced tomatoes with some dried basil and spoon it on top – it makes it slightly more healthy. Every time I eat it I remember a dish we were served at my elementary school – macaroni noodles (no cheese) with stewed tomatoes. I hated it then, but now I love it. (Lloyd says I’m lucky they didn’t serve me cats.)

mmmmm.....fake spaghetti....

Lloyd prefers to eat his cheese-covered carbohydrates by pairing it with more carbohydrates dipped in a blasphemous cream-cheese-and-salsa mixture. (Looks gross, tastes great.)

two basic food groups


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7 Responses to “Right back atcha, Brad.”

  1. Deanne Said on:

    Carbs with carbs… I’m glad we’ve gone away from the “bread is bad” phase…


  2. Brad Said on:

    I have macaroni and cheese with macaroni and cheese: I make the stuff (it must be Kraft), and eat it out of the pot. I used to be able to eat the whole thing at once. Now I usually have some leftovers. Ah, for the days when I could eat a half a stick of butter in one sitting.


    • Kristi Said on:

      And butter tastes much better than margarine on your mac’n’cheese. Butter makes everything better! Quite simply, butter is better.


  3. Beth Said on:

    And is that Uncle Malan’s tea? I love that stuff. the sweeter, the better :D.

    My mac-n-cheese must be Kraft as well. And strangely enough, my Dad refers to it as “Kraft Dinner”, so apparently eating mac-n-cheese for dinner all by itself goes back generations in the Royuk family. However, most of us are a bit more civilized than Brad and actually put it in a bowl before eating…


  4. Peggy Said on:

    I love mac-n-cheese, without the cheese of course. Just butter on my noodles thank you.


  5. Annette Said on:

    I had bread, tylenol and robitussin for supper. The bread, thanks to Lauren’s charitous compassion was filled with mystical healing powers which brought me back to work today. Hey Lauren, however did you discover how to bottle guilt?


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