Tooth Trouble

March 28, 2008

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Definintely not for MY gross nails.

That’s not King Arthur’s sword – that’s a dental instrument. You see, I had braces as a teen, but as time went by my bottom teeth got all crooked again. A couple of years ago I went to the orthodontist and had braces put on the bottom teeth… again. (It involved dental slenderizing, so my mouth has lost quite a bit of weight.) When it was all said and done, they glued a wire across the back of my bottom front teeth to keep those puppies in line. My orthodontist said I should leave it on at least a year or two, but I could leave it on forever. I went with the latter.

Well, the glue has worn away on one end, so a bit of wire is poking out and bugging my tongue. Knowing how lazy I am, it will be months or weeks before I even call for an appointment to have it taken care of. I’ve taken to some home fix-it techniques, including a metal nail file, a Dremel (yeah, that was a bad idea), my keys, and a rock. They all had their advantages, but none really smoothed down that one pokey bit. Today I shelled out nine bucks for a glass nail file, which is abrasive all the way to the pointy part, and it did the trick. (I’m available for all home dentistry needs now.)

Mouth Cam:

Lloyd is just so easy to draw.

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4 Responses to “Tooth Trouble”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I’m glad to hear you did not need dental tenderizing. I would guess that instead of files, that process would involve hammers.

    And what the heck is a glass nail file? I’ve never heard of that before. Is it actually made of glass?


  2. Kristi Said on:

    You must have a steady hand; I think I would have poked my gum a bunch of times with that sharp tool.


  3. Beth Said on:

    My beautiful nails would love the treat of being manicured with that file…


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