A Nebraska Wedding

May 24, 2008

Journal, Lauren

I went to a most unusual wedding today. Actually, the wedding itself was not strange – it was quite lovely, with TONS of flowers! (I was sleepy, though, and dozed a bit. I missed all my doses of caffeine.)

The after-activities were pretty different from weddings I’ve attended. The bride used to work with me at the CDC, and she is marrying a young man who is a farmer. There was a definite farm theme going on. In addition to bubbles, they had blue cowbells to ring as they left the church. It was an awesome sound.

More cowbell!

They rode away from the ceremony in the same pickup his parents rode off in. (The lawn chairs were strapped in, as were the picnic tables for the wedding party.)

Don’t tell the cops about the open containers.

At the reception, there was definitely a Checkoslovakian influence. We were greeted by a polka band, and there were kolachies at each table. The best part of the reception? This truck in the Ag pavilion. (That’s short for Agriculture Pavilion – a nice big building we use for all sorts of functions.)

Now that’s what I call a bar.

Strangest part of the reception? Being greeted just inside the entrance by two people dressed up as old hillbillies giving out free shots of homemade hooch. (I only caught the old lady in the photo. Sorry.)

Straight out of the jug.

I liked this wedding!

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6 Responses to “A Nebraska Wedding”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Ha! Awesome wedding! I think my next vehicle will be a truck with beer spigots sticking out the sides. Think of all the friends I’d make!


  2. Brad Said on:

    Did the hillbillies look like clowns? Because in the picture, the old lady looks like a clown. A scary clown. *jibblie* *jibblie*


  3. Beth Said on:

    Um. Lloyd? I think in Lauren’s absence you’re supposed to post something.


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