Ain’t no sunshine….

June 26, 2008

Journal, Lauren

*sniff* Lloyd’s gone. Gone! Colors are dull, cats are less cute, food has no flavor, air has no freshness, water has lost its wetness.

However, I still have laundry detergent. I buy our laundry detergent at Sears for the absolute cheapest price. I wait until it is on sale, then buy the smaller container. The larger box is twice as much money for fifty percent more, and that’s no bargain. I’m making this post because I’ve always wondered how long I make that detergent last. I’m not a big believer in finished laundry that has a ‘clean’ scent/perfume. Isn’t that a residue that was left on your clothes?

Anyway, note to self: You opened this box on June 26th. The day soap lost its soapiness.

Lloyd used to like clean clothes….

Have fun at your conference, Lloyd.

UPDATE:  He made it there safely, though very late due to stormy weather that made him miss his connection.  Thanks for taking care of him, Rowlands!  (And thanks for the picture, Christina!)



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13 Responses to “Ain’t no sunshine….”

  1. Beth Said on:

    So, Lloyd tried Brad’s trick of traveling in dress clothes…
    Did you find you were treated more respectfully, Lloyd?

    (Oh, and nice detergent. Our Mom used Sears soap all our childhood days. The scent makes me a little nostalgic for that white metal cabinet that sat next to the dryer behind the back door…it would make me more nostalgic if the smell was combined with catfood…*sigh*…)


  2. Brad Said on:

    Brad’s Travel Tip #5: Wearing dress clothes while you travel gets you treated better.


  3. Dana Said on:

    Is Lloyd smiling because it was his first plane ride or b/c he arrived?

    So much did the laundry soap cost?


  4. Curt Said on:

    I see you use powder detergent. I switched to liquid several years ago because the powder detergent wasn’t always desolving completely. Is this because of the cheap detergent I was using or was it just the idiot doing the laundry? I wouldn’t mind going back to powder because it is cheaper, isn’t it?


    • Annette Said on:

      My appliance repair mans says, “liquid in the washing machine, powder in the dishwasher.”


    • Karla Said on:

      I use powder all the time because it is cheaper. I think the secret is the order that you do everything. Start the washer on warm water, add detergent. Stick your arm in the tub and swish around until detergent is dissolved. Rinse off arm in warm running water. Change water temp, if necessary. Add clothes, close lid, walk away. No residue!


      • Beth Said on:

        I do something similar. Minus the arm swishing. I start the water first, add detergent, then clothes.

        And, I have found that cheaper detergents don’t dissolve as well as more expensive ones. I go for middle ground and buy Gain. It’s cheaper, but still dissolves.

        Karla’s way eliminates the need for hand soap. Maybe you should try it Curt. 😀


        • Curt Said on:

          I used a similar method as Karla except I would just spin the center agitator by hand. I think my problem was the cheap detergent clumping together over time. I think it would take me a year or more to go through that economy size box.

          That is true, using Karla’s method would aleviate the need for hand soap, but it takes for every to wash it off. I have a water softener.


  5. Deanne Said on:

    I use liquid. I buy it at Sams, and I buy the cheapest one, Era. Recently I started using a (liquid) fabric softener, and now the clothes smell like fabric softener. I would say they smell nice, but I haven’t decided how much I like that smell.


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