On Sale

August 20, 2008


I went to the store tonight to buy some peanut butter for Lloyd to take to school.  (He uses the example of making a PB&J sandwich to teach his computer programming students that they will have to break every little component of thought and action into tiny, detailed, infinitesimally small steps.  Hey!  I spelled infinitesimallly right on the first try!  But not on the second.)  On the way up to the store, I saw this sign.  Heh.

I think my mom would have sold us in a heartbeat.

That’s a bargain at twice the price!

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8 Responses to “On Sale”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Those are pretty tiny children if two of them only weigh sixteen ounces. But maybe you could train them to be circus freaks. Or better yet, they could sneak into small places and steal things.


  2. Deanne Said on:

    Too funny!


  3. Annette Said on:

    So what if I missed Letterman last night, I’ve got LloydAndLauren in the morning!


  4. Christina Said on:

    they are that small so you can put one in each pocket when they start to fight.


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