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September 19, 2008

Worst day ever

Note to self:  Do not use the front door anymore.



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19 Responses to “Your Daily Jibblie”

  1. Mark Said on:

    Is that at QUARTER under that thing?

    ****hbhhbhbhbhbh**** I DISPISE spiders!!!!


  2. Curt Said on:

    Hey, it’s a zigzag spider! That’s what we called em as kids. These were very prevalent out on the farm down in MO.


  3. Kitt Said on:

    Oooh, that’s a neat one! Big! Do you know what kind it is? (If you Google “big orange spider,” I’m the No. 2 hit now, since I posted about the one I saw a couple of weeks ago.)


  4. Deanne Said on:

    I can’t think of an adequate (but unique) expression for the trembling that overtook me as I viewed your scary spider!



  5. Brad Said on:

    I thought it was called a banana spider, so I googled for an image. The following picture came up. *jibblie* I’m glad I read your entries in the morning instead of right before bed.


    • Beth Said on:

      Now THAT creeps me out. It brings back memories of you Windexing the wolf spider (in Mom and Dad’s kitchen in Texas) to death.

      Please note: Windex is NOT instantaneous death.


  6. Brad Said on:

    I found out what it is at my favorite site for bug identification. (Warning: you have to scroll through lots of spider pictures to find it)


    • Annette Said on:

      I don’t think it wants your quarter. I think it wants inside for your tomato! Note to self: NO BLT’s this week!


  7. Brad Said on:

    I’ve already commented three times on this post. Criminy!


  8. Deborah Said on:

    Do your bats eat those?


  9. Karla Said on:

    While I’m normally not one who is afraid of spiders, holy crap that one is HUGE! Be careful that it doesn’t eat either of you or one of the cats.

    P.S. Did you ever bother to take your quarter back, or did you just give it to him? I would have considered it a donation to the keep-the-massive-spider-happy fund.


  10. Peggy Said on:

    TERRIFYING!!! Just the picture scares the bejezzes out of me…I can’t even imagine what you went thru having to face it in person.

    Just in case … no one will judge you …


  11. Lloyd Said on:

    I had a LOT of trouble sleeping that night.


  12. Beth Marshall Said on:

    ooooohhhhh i heart spiders and she is a pretty one. Spiders are good luck and to have one at your doorstep means good things are to come.


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