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October 1, 2008


So Cricket’s been sick for a while.  In fact, she’s been sick since I made fun of her, dang it.  She’s got some , um, ‘leakage’…..  and I won’t go into details.  Anyway, we’ve had her quarantined in the bathroom for a couple of days to see if The Situation is getting better.  It is, but she should probably go see the vet.  This is a big problem because she is just awful at the vet.   (She once bit through my finger during an appointment.) I’m guessing that the upcoming visit may require some, er…. ‘rectal prodding’ …. and since I really like keeping my blood in my fingers where it belongs, I made this muzzle tonight while I watched Project Runway.

NOTE: I always ask Lloyd to read through posts before I publish them, and now I know that if you’ve never watched Project Runway, the following is completely unfunny.

Tim Gunn: Designers, your challenge is to take this ordinary leather glove and create a fabulous restraint system on a budget of no dollars.  Good luck.


Tim Gunn: We’re sending in your models for a fitting.

Heidi Klum: I’m so beautiful, let’s start the show.


Heidi Klum: Designers, we found your work to be careless and unfinished.  Lauren – you are somehow the winner of Project Runway.  Cricket – have some cat food.


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13 Responses to “Project Funway”

  1. Brad Said on:

    If she’s going to eat piles of food like that, Cricket will never make it as a supermodel. She should keep it down to one celery stick per day.


  2. CousinSam Said on:

    I think this “cricket” model should stick to some fava beans and a nice chianti.


  3. Rae Said on:

    Hey! I keep my cat food in the very same type of container. 🙂 But Tess eats her food out of a bowl -- on the floor, in the kitchen. Ok, our similarity stops at food storage.


  4. Deanne Said on:

    Poor thing… Oh, I want to report that we bathed our cat last night for the first time. (I only first heard about bathing cats right here at Lloyd&Lauren.) She’s having trouble reaching her back for cleaning, so it’s been getting all matted and oily. We carefully brushed & combed out the knots and then just washed her back. She cried, but she wasn’t violent, fortunately. And now she’s all clean! She purred a lot this morning, so I think she’s happy about it.


  5. Jessica Said on:

    OK, I have tears running down my face between the pics and narrative. I DO watch Project Runway, and you nailed it. And my cat (who is also gray with a white bib!) needs a muzzle at the vet as well.


  6. Peggy Said on:


    Cricket looks absolutely fierce!! Except for the hairy legs…they might hurt her career!

    (the pictures CRACK ME UP! They are definately keepers to look at when in a bad mood!)


  7. kiwe Said on:

    I’m glad that my cat is not the only cat that bites! I thought I was just a bad mommy! Thankfully I don’t have any kids, they would bite too.


  8. Lauren Said on:

    It’s almost worse to take Pfennig. She shoots hair like a porcupine shoots quills. I can’t see the vet through the haze.


  9. Mark Said on:

    Man, does that cat very look NOT happy in the third picture -- ears back, probably growling. Right?


    • Lauren Said on:

      We’re trying to condition her to be used to it A few seconds in the muzzle, a few pieces of food. A few more minutes of muzzle, a few more pieces of food. We haven’t had any growling yet, but she’s definitely not happy about it.


  10. Curt Said on:

    Every time I have put something over a cat’s head it freaks out. I mean really freaks out. I was going to include a link for a cat freaking out but found this, which is much funnier.


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