Halloween- Check!

October 31, 2008


Happy Day after Halloween!   We had a very pleasant evening here.  Annette, Kate and John came over (thanks, guys), and the weather was nice enough that it wasn’t freezing cold in the house until the end of our shift.

I usually keep track of the trick-or-treaters with a tally sheet, but this year I figured I could just count up how many Fun-Dips I had left.  Turns out that buying three boxes was too many.  However, Murphy’s Law says that if I only have two boxes next year I’ll run out.

I had 88 kids total.

Saw a lot of zombies this year.  Lot of zombies. Hope Lloyd makes it home from Fun Night safely, because I’m off to bed!

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12 Responses to “Halloween- Check!”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Fun dip ROCKS! Where did you get it? I want to buy that next year, so I can eat it all myself.


  2. Tara and Tim Said on:

    AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Mom and Dad forgot to bring us over!!!! Oh poopy!

    Sorry we didn’t make it to your house Mrs. Sommerer.


  3. Lauren's Dad Said on:

    You might try Kellogg’s Fruity Snacks next year. They disappear quickly from the hospital vendors. And they might be pricier………


  4. Lauren's Dad Said on:

    At SAM’S they now are 27.9¢ each; less than $25 for 88.


  5. Peggy Said on:

    88 trick-or treaters…WOW…Excellent!! Did you notice any double doers…’cause I’m sure your house is known as one of those houses that gives good candy!


  6. Gretchen Said on:

    Did anyone else see this trend? Mom/Dad drove down the street, stopping at the end of each driveway. Kiddos (and/or teenagers) jumped out of the van/SUV, walked up the driveway, got their sugar fix, walked back to the vehicle, were driven to the next house. This was very common in my neighborhood. (we had probably 150 trick-or-treaters, and we didn’t even have a choice candy like fun dip!)


    • Lauren Said on:

      We had a good mix. Lots of the CDC kids came in cars, but that’s because I put up an invitation and they all came from different neighborhoods. About half of the other ones were in cars, I think.

      On a side note, I had two girls collecting for UNICEF. That’s the first time that’s ever happened.


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