For Mark, who is not my brother

November 24, 2008

Journal, Lauren

One of the funniest sites I visit is Mark Ruins Dinner. It’s not my brother Mark, but a Mark who shares my kitchen troubles. (Someday I’ll tell you all about the turkey I brined this weekend. Something went terribly, terribly wrong.  That’s for another day, though.)

Mark’s challenge is to dust something off from your youth and tell the story.  He has an excellent story of his old electric bass. I made a comment on his site about my ukuleles, but here – I’ll tell you about my flute.

That’s a sad looking flute.

It’s actually my sister’s old flute.  I started off with a Bundy in 4th grade.  One of my hidden talents is/was that I am surprisingly good at something the first time I try it, then have no stick-to-it-ive-ness and then tank mightily.   There was no band for 4th graders, but I got to skip Social Studies or something like that and go to 5th grade band.  (That explains why I don’t understand politics.)

Anyway, I was pretty hot snot until 7th grade. In 6th grade I chose to stay in at recess and play endless renditions of the theme to “M*A*S*H”, much to the eye-rolling of the teachers, I’m sure.  But in 7th grade things started to go south. Stephannie came, and she was good.  My no-practice talent started to shake.

Things went really downhill in 9th grade, when Tricia moved to town, and she was guuuuud.  By now I had Keren’s Artley, because she got some awesome Muramatsu thing.  (She’s REALLY good.)  So there I was, 3rd chair.  The final blow was when Alison, who had been stealthily practicing all these long years, took my 3rd chair and now I was 4th. That was the end. I knew I wouldn’t practice because, let’s face it – 4th chair doesn’t practice.  So that was it.  The end of my flouting career.

It looks really bad.  This is the first time in years I’ve opened it.

I never play it anymore.  Keren, would you like it back? I’m content with my ukuleles.  So there’s the challenge.  Post your own for Mark!

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18 Responses to “For Mark, who is not my brother”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I donated my old instruments to school many years ago. I had a baritone my dad got from the surplus military supply warehouse in Tennessee and a trumpet I got from a thrift store for $20.


  2. Beth Said on:

    I, too, am a flute flunkie. Only I was never even remotely good. I loaned it to my niece, Alicia, and haven’t seen it since (though I do hope to pass it to Tara some day, so don’t lose it Alicia!).

    I also failed at violin. But I have a beautiful 3/4 Lark, if anyone needs to borrow one.

    And I failed at piccolo. Dad got me one at the surplus warehouse. I sold it to Lincoln Lutheran.

    And strangely enough, I’m the only one in my family who can do little more than pick out a tune on a piano (everyone else has skilz)…but I am the one who got Dad and Mom’s when they moved. (Good for my kids!)

    Seems I’m an instrumental failure. Capital F.

    (Maybe I should have played brass…)


  3. Mark Said on:

    YAY! Thanks for playing along. See? That was fun, wasn’t it?


  4. Deborah Said on:

    I grudgingly took piano lessons until I banged so hard on the G key (it wouldn’t play when it was supposed to) that I broke it. Then Mom and Dad let me quit.


  5. CousinSam Said on:

    This is horrible! I have ukes(2) and a flute. I’m turning into Lauren. If I start taking pictures of my boring walk* to school I’ll really know I’ve been infected.

    * I’m far to lazy to walk plus gas at $1.49 I’d have to carry a gallon with a leak just to feel like I was getting back at the environment.


    • Deanne Said on:

      Gosh, $1.49. And I was thrilled to break the $2 barrier yesterday!


      • Karla Said on:

        We just dropped below $2 late last week! Don’t complain about your gas prices Sam!


        • CousinSam Said on:

          I’m not complaining you silly women, I’m so happy that I am willing to buy gas just to waste it because it’s so cheap. Don’t make me explain anymore of these to you- it’s bad enough teaching 6th grade with the group I have…


  6. Peggy Said on:

    I have trouble finishing things I start…and they all end up in the trash…puzzles that inferiate me…a way-too-large paint by number…and my most prized unfinished project…a hand sewn queen comforter…not to be confused with a womforter…the material was beautiful, I had it all stuffed & marked & had at least 1/2 finished…when the dogs started sleeping on it…then throwing up on it. I currently have a Christmas latch hook rug in my closet that only has 5 rows left on it…I started it in 1999…seriously.


  7. Rae Said on:

    The problem I see here is that no one picked the right instrument. I played the drums. What a wonderful excuse to pound on things and make lots of noise! (a practice pad at home did the job, but was much less satisfying.) I had trouble getting my hands and feet to stop at the dinner table and my mom had to tell me more than once to stop tapping my feet or ‘drumming’ my fingers on the table. I could practice anywhere I went -- until I was told to stop. I still own a pair of drum sticks. Sam, let’s get them out and see what Gracen can break with them!


  8. Heidi Said on:

    Just think of all the germs on that baby.


  9. kiwe Said on:

    Ok, I’m just going to put it out there….I need instruments at my school!!!!!!!We are out and my kids don’t have money to rent, so I have to turn kids away. If you have an instrument send it to me an I will give it a loving home and even send you updates and pictures of my kids using it!!!! I will take good care of it and it won’t just sit around the house gathering dust!
    Email me


    • Lauren Said on:

      I think I’ll be on a new mission. We’ll see how many instruments can be scrounged up.


      • kiwe Said on:

        Do you know how cool that would be! I would cry if we got just one. I have put out emails to all my friends and even on Freecycle. No luck. So even one would be awesome.


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