Computers: Good and Evil

November 30, 2008

Journal, Lauren, Lloyd

I, for one, love having my computer right by the kitchen.  I sat here and watched t.v. episodes and a movie on it the past few days,  with easy access to the kitchen for snacks and crazy projects.  I love being able to pause what I’m watching!  It took me three hours to watch “Baby Mama” because I was making pie.  (Cereal-bowl pie, very different from jar pie.)  Plus, when I realized today that I needed to make cookies for tomorrow’s Christmas program, the internet was there for me with thousands of recipes.  Just a turn of the screen and it’s like a recipe-book. A really expensive ‘don’t-you-dare-splatter-stuff-on-it’ recipe book.

Can you see me?

Lloyd’s relationship with his computer has gone south, however.  Despite his four days of working on his school’s website (for which he missed a fabulous trip to Minnesota, you’ll remember), it all tanked tonight.  He was ready to switch over to the new website  and it’s a no-go.  If I understood what has happened, I’d explain it, but I can’t.  All that work – down the toilet.  *sigh*  Here he was when hope was still high:

Can you see Cricket?

So, to wrap thing up: Computers love me, and computers hate Lloyd.  The end.

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12 Responses to “Computers: Good and Evil”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I think the difference is that you think of computers as equals, while Lloyd tries to subjugate them to his will. The sooner he drops his superior-to-computers attitude, the happier everyone will be.


  2. Cousin Sam Said on:

    Christmas Program Dec.1? No wonder the stores have the junk in by Columbus Day. I don’t even do Advent(or Lent or any other “service” that doesn’t have a well cooked meal waiting after it) because it ain’t no commandment. It’s obvious iLloyd wasn’t thankful enough this weekend and the turkey gods hacked his cybernerding. Also, because I like rambling, and Rambling Man by Robert Seager, Simpsons took a swing at iLloyd iJobs iApple this week, you can watch it on FOX


  3. Beth Said on:

    I see you. And I see Cricket. And I’m cracking up that your towel warmer rack is now Lloyd’s new arm rest. HA!


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Dnag…I don’t see you Lauren! I see what looks like a cloaked figure in the mixing bowl ???? But I do see Cricket…how cute! And I see some cool looking snowball cookies!

    And sorry Lloyd…I know just how you feel…just yesterday I spent the afternoon painting my nails & them smudged them before they were dry!


  5. Lauren Said on:

    Just leaving myself a note -- remember Darlene’s cookbook.


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