Not that it matters…

December 12, 2008


…. but I forgot my camera all day today.  I’ve been taking pictures with it at school for my daily updates (since its so little I can keep it in my pocket), but I forgot it so there are no pictures of the hilarious giant gingerbread people the children slathered with red hots and jelly beans.  I also forgot it for tonight’s Christmas luau, which was a huge success!  One of our teachers made leis out of poinsettias, I bought some Hawaiian Christmas music from iTunes, and brought a whole bunch of fruit juices and rum and used my ‘Just try it – it won’t kill you’ bartending skills.  Yep. Not one photo.

Anyway, I’m going on a panicked Christmas shopping spree today.  What are you doing with your Saturday?

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23 Responses to “Not that it matters…”

  1. Charles Said on:

    The Gebhardts expect about of foot of snow (the soft and fluffy kind) Saturday. Angel Dance practice at 8:45, maybe some shopping, and then the Lutheran High staff Christmas Party at 6:30. We’re bringing green bean casserole and buffalo eggs.


  2. Brad Said on:

    Hawaiian Christmas music, eh? We listened to Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash yesterday morning during our Secret Santa party.

    I’m spending the morning at church because of three different commitments (when will I learn?), then meeting an old friend for dinner. I’ll get to relax a little tomorrow.


  3. Cousin Sam Said on:

    The concept of dinner is old, and in six day you too.


  4. Michele Said on:

    I’ll be baking my _ss off and listening to Christmas music … licking a little batter here and there. Then I’ll feel half sick and need a nap.
    The thought of shopping is too depressing unless I have actual gift ideas. Anyone have any? Shopping for parents is the worst!


  5. Kristi Said on:

    Angel Dance? That’s for the girls, right?


  6. Deanne Said on:

    I was just getting ready for a nap. Yes, a nap at 10 AM. When I received a phone call from a Colombian woman who is having troubles adjusting to the cold. I told her husband I would take her shopping. Some synthetic long johns, a cute (but warm) hat, some yummy mittens. We’ll get her taken care of. So I’m taking her shopping. Then the kids & I are swimming in a “fun” swim meet with our coach & everyone who swims with him. Then we’re having a party with our swim chicks pals & kids. All in all an unproductive but fun-filled day.

    And that list that I was working on this morning? It’s gonna have to wait until tomorrow!


  7. Peggy Said on:

    I’ll be cleaning, doing laundry, decorating the tree (after we cut one down) & then dinner & a movie with a friend. Christmas shopping will have to wait until tomorrow or next week. YIKES!


  8. Karla Said on:

    I’m going to do all the stuff you normally do with a newborn… think about napping, think about a shower and change a lot of diapers…


  9. kiwe Said on:

    I had CPR First Aid training all day.


  10. Lauren Said on:

    Karla and Kiwe, you have my sympathies… and respect!


  11. Beth Said on:

    I kept the book at a wrestling tournament all day. It was awesome! Doing stats for sports is theraputic for me.

    Yes, I’m odd.


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