Fool me twice…

January 19, 2009

Home 'Improvement'

Lloyd’s a stinker.  He outright lied to me again* and said that he didn’t have school but the teachers had a ‘workday’.  After dropping me off this morning – he came right back and cleaned the basement!!!  There are no ‘before’ photos, but trust me – it was awful.  Piles of junk, papers, boxes and assorted nonsense all over.  It’s so clean now, I am inspired to get the rest of the house in tip-top condition!

Clean, yet blurry.

Garrrrrrrr.  As happy as it makes me, it pains me that he is so good at this.  How does he have the ability to stay in one spot and keep working on it without the urge to cook/melt/sew something or to try to make a solar heater for cats?  Such laser-like focus.  Right now, I have four chores in the works: folding laundry (half done), sorting through papers upstairs, trying to remember to take that vacuum  upstairs, and…… eh, I’ll remember the other one later.

*He did this in March of 2007, and once before, but I can’t find the proof.


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13 Responses to “Fool me twice…”

  1. Arron/Karla Said on:

    Have you considered renting Lloyd out? We could sure use someone to clean our basement for us. When that’s done, he could help paint Anna’s room. Then we’ll give him back.

    (Good morning, Brad.)


    • Deanne Said on:

      Great idea! Maybe he could help with my kitchen problem. Lauren, does Lloyd do kitchens, too? I think Brad has some basement issues as well. Maybe Lloyd will give Brad a special rate.


  2. Brad Said on:

    I’m late with my comment because I have another day off today. It was supposed to be teacher in-service, but it all got canceled. Yay!

    I had cleaning ADD yesterday when I was trying to clean off the counter top in the kitchen. I was lucky to get it done. A whole basement? I’ve tried that. I’m at two whole days and counting. Maybe this summer I’ll spend more time on it…


  3. Beth Said on:

    Woot Woo Lloyd! I saw the before, and that is simply beautiful. Nice work.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    What the heck? Don’t you people know how to relax on a day off?

    The basement looks fabulous! Thanks for the guilt…you can never have to much I suppose…


  5. Curt Said on:

    Wow, look at all that empty space. You have room for more stuff now.


  6. Kristi Said on:

    Empty shelves? Who are you?


  7. Arron/Karla Said on:

    Your Swiffer looks really short. Is it, or is your refrigerator really tall?


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