Bye-bye, bruised thigh.

June 14, 2009

Cheap, Gadget, Home 'Improvement'


We went back to Omaha (after a very nice visit with the Kolliparas) to get the tabletop this afternoon. It went as smooth as silk. They loaded ‘er up, we brought it home, and then proceeded to argue about the best way to attach the new top to the old bottom. Luckily Annette and the Pesters stopped by before I got too angry. It’s not that Lloyd’s wrong – he just doesn’t think like I do. He’s all “Take your time and do it right” and I’m all “Just let me slap it together so I can watch t.v.” – and those don’t mix very well. Plus, I had already assembled this thing three times in my head during church, so it was practically a done deal.

As I said, it was a good thing we had company. We used our nice words from then on.

Good-bye, wicked corners. No more crashing into you once a week.

A good size, I think.

Lloyd helped with the centering of the two pieces. He seems to like math, so I said, “It’s all you.”

The tape was my idea.  His was better.

When it was all attached, we took off the plastic around the edge. It has eight supports inside that slide out to hold the leaves – the marvelous leaves that hook around the edge! (Thank you, Harold, for helping.)

Like reverse Maypole dancing.

Without the leaves, it is 52″ in diameter. With the leaves on, it’s six feet. The old table was 5 feet square. So here’s the math problem for the day – which one has the larger area? How did you arrive at your answer? (Show your work.)

It's huge!

So, it’s done. It’s a pretty good match for the base, though the top is a tad darker. I’ll just have to dirty up the bottom, and all will be well. If you’d like to see what the real thing is supposed to look like, click here.

Who's that laser cat back there?

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17 Responses to “Bye-bye, bruised thigh.”

  1. Amy Said on:

    Hey! that looks pretty cool : )


  2. Brad Said on:

    What will you do with the old table top? Is it my new bed?


  3. Curt Said on:

    Well done!! Nice table! I never thought you could replace the top. That is cool.

    Your new table has more surface area by approximately 3.26 feet. I don’t show my work.


  4. Kristi Said on:

    Cool table leaves!


  5. Peggy Said on:

    Really cool leaves! I’ve never seen leaves that attach to the outside! Beautiful!!

    Now here’s hoping you don’t stub your toes on the chair legs!


  6. Deanne Said on:

    Very, very nice. As always, you knew just how to make your dream a reality!


  7. Rae Said on:

    Lauren, I completely empathize with the whole “ow and makeup” process. I do that too -- only at work on my desk. GREAT table. Maybe in an effort to dirty the bottom you could splatter paint it with some colors -- my kids could help. I think Lloyd would be to calculated in the process -- Sam was when we did a small splatter project.


  8. Karla Said on:

    My dad’s standard advise to couples getting married is to buy a round table for this very reason.

    And you guys thought he was just a librarian! 😉


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