Infused with Toxins

July 2, 2009


We’ve never really worried about weeds in the yard. I’d say our yard is about 60% grass (3-4 varieties) 20% clover and 20% of what pickier people might call weeds.

But, as Lauren says, “What? They’re green.”

Lush, no?

This has been my philosophy too, so apart from an occasional foray against the dandy-lions, it’s been mostly live and let live here.

Until this spring.

It started innocently enough. Just another weed to green up the place. But this weed was different. It goes by many names: Ground Ivy, Creeping Charlie, Gil-on-the-ground, Alehof, Creeping Jenny among others.

It stared off as two small patches, but they have been growing and attempting to join together. I knew that if they joined forces there would be no stopping them, so something had to be done. I took a specimen to Merl’s Garden Center and they gave me a bottle. They asked if I wanted the specimen back, but I said I had more at home.

Maybe it's not drought resistant.

The patches are about 20ft x 15ft and 30ft x 30ft, and today I covered them in toxins. It’s better to treat it in the spring or fall when it’s still growing, but this stuff has never stopped growing. Heck, you can sit outside and watch it grow. The label says that you can see results within 24 hours, and that you should retreat (I believe they mean “reapply” rather than “fall back”) in 10-14 days. So consider this a “before” post.


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5 Responses to “Infused with Toxins”

  1. Mark Said on:

    We have that stuff here, and I despise… D-E-S-P-I-S-E… it. (Man, I sure hope I spelled that correctly.)

    If your toxins do work, I want a name, either the stuff in the bottle you sprayed, or the guy at Merl’s.


  2. Lauren Said on:

    Eco-Lauren here, and I just want to say: Creeping Charlie is a beautiful plant. If it were just me, I think an entire lawn of it would be great -- it’s bright green, it’s springy to walk on, and it definitely doesn’t need watering.

    However, the neighbors don’t like it, and have kindly mentioned how it is creeping into their yards, so I’m grateful to Lloyd for taking care of it.

    *sniff* ‘Adieu, Alehof.


  3. Brad Said on:

    But the Ground Ivy is surrounding the house! Is it safe? Is… it… safe?


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Well, here’s hoping your toxins work! If it does kill that stuff, will you be left with just dirt spots? I agree with Lauren…it’s green…and green is good, right?


  5. Amy Said on:

    Just make sure that if you pull it up, you don’t just compost it… it will continue to grow!


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