Officially On Notice.

July 4, 2009


I’m putting the Wal*marts on official notice. You might recall that in the past Wal*mart has not always been honest with me about the better buy.

I’m not one of those Wal*mart detractors who go around looking for reasons not to like it. I grew up in the middle of Missouri and we’ve had Wal*mart stores for my whole life. Our local Wal*mart was one of the first 30 stores, and I overheard my dad say once when someone was complaining about Wal*mart that we wouldn’t have had shoes some years if it weren’t for Wal*mart.

But Wal*mart, you’ve got to cut this out. When I buy more of something, I expect the unit price to go down. If you keep pulling crap like this, I’m going to have to start paying attention to every little things I buy, and that will make me question whether I really need something, and neither one of us wants that.

Exhibit A:
We're buying this for Brad.
4 rolls for $1.00 and 12 rolls for $3.88 (yes, the rolls were the same size)

Exhibit B:
I always figured most of this stuff was recycled.
35 square feet for $2.88 and 50 square feet $2.88 (neither one of these is a bargain)

Someone had left a $0.55 coupon next to the 50 square feet roll, which made it a reasonable price, so we bought that one.

Exhibit C:
(Technically this might not be an exhibit, because I don’t have a picture; I’m just telling you about it.) Blocks of Cheddar Cheese cost less than Shredded Cheddar, but blocks of Mozzarella cost more than Shredded Mozzarella.

So Wal*mart, lets not let this happen again. I’m not above changing my spending habits.

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6 Responses to “Officially On Notice.”

  1. Gretchen Said on:

    Yup, just as I suspected -- the marketing geniuses at Walmart know that Americans are horrible at math.


  2. Michele Said on:

    Crap! Now you’ve made me feel the need to question my bulk purchases 🙁 You’d think we could trust that these people in power of setting prices had half a math brain!
    This would make a good consumer math lesson -- how dare you make me think about teaching during my summer break!


  3. Peggy Said on:

    I’m going to check this out in my Walmart…and then I’m going to ask the manager what’s up? I’m surprised you haven’t done this already Lloyd. If I don’t get a good answer, I’m going to start handing out ‘your’ smiley face as people come in to shop!


  4. Brad Said on:

    They would totally have caught me with that one. I’m kind of a careless shopper. Fortunately, I don’t shop at Walmart very often. Target is closer.

    Do they have a “unit price” label on the shelving?


  5. Karla Said on:

    Hey Lloyd, we know you’d be the most proud of us -- we just bought an iMac! 🙂


  6. Lloyd Said on:

    Help. I’m stuck on the edge of the grid. It was sort of fun to be disconnected at Heits Point for a few days. But we thought we’d be back tonight. Alas, no such luck. The Internet is down at the time-share.

    We had a swell time with my relatives, and met up with Lauren’s this afternoon. A good time all around.

    I should have asked the Walmart manager if he was trying to pull a fast one on me. Oh well. Maybe next time. The was an employee who seemed a little concerned that we were taking pictures.


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