17 Fun Things

August 22, 2009


So, for our 17th anniversary, we unexpectedly did 17 fun things. Here’s the list:

1. Lil’ Rev Ukulele Concert & Workshop
2. $45 room at said swanky hotel. (Thanks, Priceline!)
3. A visit to Whole Foods
4. Breakfast at some nice bakery in the (see #5)
5. Snooty mall with Pottery Barn
6. A visit to the cool store at the other mall
7. Shirt buying for Lloyd (That’s a future post.)
8. Singing & playing the blues in the car (Thanks, Lil’ Rev!)
9. Penny slots at the casino (1 hour and 40 minutes for $10.)
10. Driving around looking at cool stuff (whilst singing the blues)
11. Looking at war stuff in an outdoor museum (fun for Lloyd)
12. Looking at the cool gazebo at the outdoor museum (fun for Lauren)
13. Walking to Iowa
14. Narrowly avoiding a Greek festival
15. Eating lunch at a nice outdoor restaurant
16. Napping on the way home (fun for Lauren)
17. A surprise visit from Curt & the Pesters

I can't believe Lloyd only got the steps of the gazebo in this shot.

We took this picture for Rachel.  She's from Iowa.

We didn’t get the hash marks yet, but we’ve been too busy. Maybe this week.

As nice as this year was, I think next year I’d like to start the tradition of going to the movies – me in my wedding gown and Lloyd in his tux. Funny, eh?

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12 Responses to “17 Fun Things”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Should we all say something about Lil’ Rev in our comments so your site comes up on a Google search of him?

    I haven’t heard Lil’ Rev before, but that movie of Lil’ Rev is fun. Did Lil’ Rev have you guys sing along, too?


  2. Brad Said on:

    And I almost didn’t post this comment, but every little bit helps on a Low Comment Sunday, right?

    The link to the pedestrian bridge website proudly boasts that 17 million dollars of federal tax money was used in its construction.

    (Insert anti-government rant here.)


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Yay for a fun anniversary! And I think you’ve started a new tradition for us all…however many years of anything you’re celebrating…you must do that many fun things that day! Excellent!

    And Lil Rev…I am already singing that song…

    One meatball, no spaghetti…


  4. Karla Said on:

    I’m sorry to hear that you went to Iowa. Some of us feel that needs to be avoided. 😉


  5. Karla Said on:

    Okay, how come you can see my comments to yesterday’s post in the recent comment section, but not on the post itself?


    • Brad Said on:

      I find that sometimes when my comments don’t show up, if I hit ‘refresh’, I’ll see them. Though there have been instances here where comments ‘ghost’ and you can see them in the side bar, but not the post itself.


  6. Kristi Said on:

    Very swanky hotel indeed. And you didn’t go to the Greek festival? Zoo-pah!!

    Lil. Rev.


  7. Michele Said on:

    So what is this fear of Greek festivals? The food alone is worth the trip!


  8. Amy Said on:

    I love the idea of dressing up to go to the movies. You should do it! : )


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