Monkey bread & mops

September 7, 2009


I had big, big plans for this Labor Day weekend, and got very, very little accomplished. It was great.

There were several naps – oh, how I love naps. When I did try to accomplish something, it was a delightful adventure into ADD-land. For example: On Sunday I wondered if cold-brew coffee really has less acid than regular coffee. First I spent a good 10 minutes looking it up on the internet, then decided to test it out myself with pH test strips. (Yes, I have some of those. An old post idea gone gross.)

I dipped a strip in the cold brew, then needed some regular coffee. I brewed some with my patented funnel method.

I was too lazy to look for my one-cup brewer.

While the water heated, I got to thinking about smells, and wondered if I could make lavender linen spray. Over to the internet to look up how to steep things. Hmmm…that lavender plant outside never bloomed, did it? I wonder why that is. Check the computer to look up why. (Maybe it got too much water. Or maybe it’s a rosemary plant?) I went out to pick some leaves – they smell pretty good, whatever they are. Back inside to wonder why the electric kettle is whistling. Oh! Coffee!!

leaves steeping in vodka

Brew, brew, brew. Steep, steep, steep. Hmmm….you know what would go good with this coffee? Monkey bread.

I don't even like monkey bread, but I ate it.

See? When you cram so much useless activity into fifteen minutes, you need to take naps.

Oh, yeah – I never got around to mopping, but I did figure out how to change a mop head. Thanks, internet!

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13 Responses to “Monkey bread & mops”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Did you do the acid test?

    ..or did you end up comparing the acidity of coffee to the acidity of lavender vodka?


  2. Lloyd Said on:

    The Monkey Bread was very good, and I got to cut up the biscuits.


    • Curt Said on:

      So you used biscuits? Someone told me that biscuits may not work. Good to hear that is does.

      Oh by the way, does someone have a recipe for monkey bread?


      • Lauren Said on:

        1. Cut monkeys into bite-sized pieces.
        2. Dip each piece into melted butter, then roll in cinnamon sugar.
        3. Place into bundt-type pan.
        4. Bake until just before they are burned.

        It’s an old family recipe, but I was out of monkeys so I substituted biscuits.


  3. Deanne Said on:

    You are tooooo funny! Start cleaning again today… I’m sure you’ll come up with yet another genius idea in the process!


  4. Rae Said on:

    I thought Sam and Lloyd were related. Now I think it is YOU and Sam.


  5. Peggy Said on:

    HA! I laughed my butt off!!

    All my ADD seems to stay in my brain…it’s my thoughts…they’re all over the place. Unfortunately it hasn’t transferred to actual activity…I have that same spoon…Oneida Flight?


  6. Annette Said on:

    I’d like to come and test your lavender?!


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