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I’ve been working on this post for a couple of years now, and I’m out of anything interesting to say tonight finally ready to post about it.

I have keratosis pilaris, or ‘chicken skin’, on the backs of my upper arms. It’s an unsightly, but harmless condition where I have rashy-looking bumps. Apparently there’s nothing you can do to cure it, but there are things you can do to manage ti.. I tried daily scrubbing for a while, but that only aggravated it. A long, long time ago I bought some lotion with salicylic acid in it, used it for a few weeks, then stopped. (I’m a big quitter.)

Perhaps you remember the shameful-amount-of-toiletries-in-the-bathroom post? Well, though I still (shamefully) have most of those things, I used up the salicylic acid lotion! I even had to buy another one, and guess what? It works.

I know that it works because I didn’t use it in July when we were on vacation, and the bumps came back with a vengeance. (I can’t believe that that is how you spell vengeance, but my spell-checker says so. Hmmph.)

So in conclusion, my arms are slightly less bumpy. If you suffer from KP, you, too, can have slightly less bumpy arms in two years. Call now! Operators are standing by!

I can't get a good picture of this bottle, and I don't care.

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13 Responses to “Product Recommend”

  1. deanne Said on:

    Cool! I just bought a salicylic acid treatment for Susana, but the lotion idea may be even better.


  2. Brad Said on:

    Does it work on zits? I have a super-ginormous zit on my nose right now. You’d think I’d be too old for zits by now. Sheesh!


  3. Rae Said on:

    Interesting, very interesting. Gracen has these bumps…


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Hehe…funny post…and congratulations on your medical mystery!

    I wonder if your magic lotion would work on my lumy head. I still have a nice sized lump from when my attic ladder fell on my head last Christmas. Or would it work on horrible, horrible scars? I think we have the making of a Dr. Suess book for this lotion.


  5. Lloyd Said on:

    I can’t even tell where that picture was taken. Is that from your other house?


  6. Curt Said on:

    Maybe someone is using your wash rag to clean their meat slicer?


  7. Uyek Said on:

    Can you buy Amlactin in your area?’
    There’s the regular and an amped up (Amlactin XL) version but it’s worked wonders on my horrible, dry, callous-y, not-quite excezema hands. it’s a wonderful flesh-eating cream.


  8. Ribs Said on:

    I have this too, Lauren (and now the slight shiver when you post about things I am doing or have, which is quite often). I swear by a scrubby sponge thing used in the shower every day with a bit of soap. But you’ve tried that, so fair enough. I shall see if this magic lotion (“it puts the lotion on its skin”) is available over here. Cheers for the tip 🙂


  9. ratty Said on:

    THANK you!!!


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