Well, I’ll never do that again.

September 20, 2009


We use cloth napkins around here, but please don’t think that we’re hoity-toity about it. They are several years old, stained and threadbare. If we didn’t use cloth napkins, I’d go through a hundred paper towels per meal. I’m that messy.

While pants shopping on Saturday, we came across the clearance linens at Younkers.

“We need more napkins,” Lloyd said.

“These are too expensive,” I said.

“They’re a dollar each,” he said.

“I can make them for less,” I said.

“But you won’t,” he said.

Oh, yeah?

Oh, yeah?

Clearance cloth from Wal-Mart.

Fortunately, this cloth came with pre-drawn squares, so there was none of that pesky ‘measuring’ business.

Two by two, Lauren.  Concentrate!!

There will be no actual sewing pictures, or you’d have to see my freakishly vein-y hands.


There was no pattern, and I kind of messed up the corners, but these things are for wiping pizza off my face, so who really cares, right?


So there you have it. They’re done, but that’s an hour and a half of my life I’ll never get back – though I did get to watch Bridezillas while working on them.

We should have just bought the dumb napkins. (But don’t tell Lloyd that.)

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19 Responses to “Well, I’ll never do that again.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    If you really want to be eco-friendly, you should just get a dog and train it to lick your face during meals. Then you’d never need napkins.

    The power is yours!


  2. Deborah Said on:

    That is so exciting! If my memory is correct, you’ve had the other napkins for about 15 years.


  3. Rae Said on:

    Nice napkins. I really like the material and the fact that it was pre-patterned for you.


    • Lloyd Said on:

      We didn’t actually know that it was in squares like that. We just looked through the remnant bin at the Wal*Marts, and picked some out that was pretty, looked absorbent, and maybe wouldn’t wrinkle so much.


  4. Kristi Said on:

    Hey! I just bought some material at garage sales to FINALLY make my own napkins. How big are they? Inches, please.


  5. Eco-Girl in Training Said on:

    That is awesome! And it looks fun too! So why would you never do it again? And if I may ask, how much did each napkin cost doing it this way?

    I’m ashamed to admit that I use ALOT of napkins & paper towels…:(

    But before I make my own, do you use these napkins just when you eat..or do you use them while you’re cooking too? I mean do you not buy paper towels at all?


    • Lloyd Said on:

      If you don’t count the other piece of fabric that we bought, but didn’t use, it’s around $0.65 each (counting Lauren’s time as being, essentially, worthless).


      • Lauren Said on:

        I buy a big bunch of cheap-o white washcloths at Wal-Mart every couple of years and use them for everything. They’re like mini-towels/mop-rags. The napkins are also occasionally used for cleaning up when cooking, but only the really, really stained ones. Which, er, seems to be all of them.


  6. Deanne Said on:

    AWESOME!! I tried to make handkerchiefs once and it was a real pain to get the edges done. I can see why you say you won’t do it again…


  7. Jessica Said on:

    Cool! I might have to do this.


  8. Annette Said on:

    Got pizza, will travel!


  9. Ribs Said on:

    When I first moved in with my husband, he would always be using random small towels around the place to clean stuff up. Drove me insane, but slowly, over the years, I have come round to his way of thinking. It’s the way forward, I tell you!


  10. ratty Said on:

    when i stopped using paper napkins, paper plates and paper towels my weekly trashcan levels diminished CONSIDERABLY! i make my own napkins [and sometimes un-paper towels out of diaper fabric] and i love them! sometimes i buy them at the thrift store, too.
    i still DO buy paper towels though… i just can’t bring myself to pick up/clean up cat barf with fabric, ugh! and i have very barfy cats…


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