Poorly thought out

September 21, 2009

Home 'Improvement'

I’ve decided that my new obsession will be solar heating. I came across this little article from Mother Earth News about a solar Heat Grabber, and the next hour of my Sunday afternoon was spent making a poor prototype out of cardboard, plastic wrap and duct tape. Basically, you open your window a little, stick this thing out in the sunshine, and you get hot air pumping into your south-facing room without sacrificing the light coming in.

Too small for actual heating, but cheap enough to comfort my soul.

Yes, that is duct tape on my window.

In the winter, such a thing would only work upstairs, since the house to the south shades the windows on the first floor. I am struggling beecause there is no way on this planet that I would ever make a nice-looking thing. This cardboard one is at the very height of my skilz. I’ve been daydreaming about alternatives – a black carpet in the room? Bottles of water spray-painted black and sitting on the windowsills to make a heat sink? One of these? Oh, the wonderful, wonderful minutes I’ll spend in my brain, waiting for the cold to come!!


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8 Responses to “Poorly thought out”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I wonder if you put black carpet on bottles of water spray-painted black that sit in a box covered with plastic wrap… would it catch on fire from all the heat?


  2. Deanne Said on:

    Minutes? Hours!


  3. Lauren's mom Said on:

    That belongs on the Red Green Show. Lots of duct tape.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    I wonder if replacing your roof with bubble wrap would be effective?


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