The One

September 24, 2009


It never fails. In my cycle of too-short bad hair and too-long bad hair, I get about one or two Good Hair Days in the middle. Today I had a doctor’s appointment in Lincoln and had planned to get a haircut afterward. You guessed it – my hair actually looked right today. We have school pictures in a week, so it seemed like a shame to tamper with this miracle, even though I know that Saturday (or even Friday) will bring Deep Regret.

I get my hair cut about every three months. How long do normal people go between trims?

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18 Responses to “The One”

  1. Brad Said on:

    According to my archive, it’s about a month for me. Hmm… I would have thought it was a shorter time.


  2. Beth Said on:

    I don’t get my hair cut very often. Like once every 3 or 6 months. Or sometimes 9.

    It’s always fluctuating between shorter and bouncier, and longer adn flowy-er.

    I love my hair. But finding one hairstyle to stick with seems to elude me.


  3. Brady G. Said on:

    Me -- whenever I want (shave it myself for free)
    Noah -- used to be about every two months, but Drew’s ( went up in prices so it will be about 3 months now
    Lark -- whenever she can no longer stand the feeling of hair on her neck
    Miriam -- never at this rate.


  4. Deanne Said on:

    I am far from normal, and I cut my hair whenever it bugs me. A lot. This time, I think it’s took about 6 months, and I just did it last week. Too, too long.


  5. Rae Said on:

    Sam & Gracen -- every 4 weeks
    Rachel & Anna -- every 5 weeks
    Like clockwork. Sam and Gracen both start complaining if they have to go/grow longer.


  6. Kristi Said on:

    Every 5-6 weeks. Can’t stand it when my hair “wings” out.


  7. Gretchen Said on:

    Usually every 6 weeks. My boys: every month. My husband: every two weeks. (got to keep that hair within military regs.)


  8. Lloyd Said on:

    I usually realize that I need a haircut every 3 months. I actually get a haircut about every 4 months.


  9. Peggy Said on:

    First, how many of these people responding to your question can be considered ‘normal’ really?

    Second, Lauren your hair always looks nice!

    Third, I am all thumbs when it comes to trying to fix my hair. I just hate it! I guess it’s just my general lack of coordination. I’ve gotten round brushes stuck in my hair, burnt my forehead on the curling iron…and cut my ear trying to trim it myself…you name it…I’ve done it. I wish we were all bald…

    I get my hair cut every 2 -- 3 months. Or so.


  10. Christina Said on:

    I get mine cut every 5-6 months…whenever the ends start getting scratchy
    Paul & Declan -- usually once a month…they go to the barber then out to eat at McDonald’s. This means that Declan actually reminds his dad about hair cuts!
    Brittney cuts and/or adds to her hair on a daily basis. I don’t think she has been to the hairdresser in the last six months though.


  11. Mark Said on:

    I got a buzz cut in July, right before the reunion and the boy’s baptism. It’s just now growing back to it’s ‘normal’ length and I’m ready to get it cut again. So, three months.


  12. Curt Said on:

    4 to 6 weeks. 8 weeks at the most. My head starts burning up at that point.


  13. Karla Said on:

    I go in every 6 weeks -- I keep with my paydays so it’s easier for me to remember when my appointment is…


  14. Jessica Said on:

    I haven’t had a “real” cut in two years. A “trim” for me is putting it in a ponytail on top of my head and chopping off an inch -- twice a year or so. I REALLY need a good cut. But I have difficult hair, so I just let it go wild.


  15. Keren Lowell Said on:

    Every couple of years, tops.


  16. ratty Said on:

    every three or four years…, i’m basically a procrastinator 🙂 i fluctuate between really long and braided or clipped up and really short and “why do i always do this in WINTER, now i’m FREEZING?” phases. it’s long now and hot flashes in the summer only mean i complain about it more often… and considering that it’s gonna be 104 today, my hair and i are NOT going outside!


  17. Amy Said on:

    it’s several years for me 🙁 I know I should do it more often… but I’m poor dang it!


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