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October 8, 2009

Eco-Freaky, Gadget

Bags!! More reusable bags. I ‘justified’ my purchase by rationalizing that I had given away some old ones, so of course I should replace them. The reality is, I was going to just buy a couple, but Chicobags had new styles, so I was helpless to resist. Once again, I want to say that Chicobags rock for their ability to be stuffed into a little sack with minimal effort. Here ends the endorsement.

They're not this shiny - I have lighting problems.

They are all the ‘Vita’ size, which are huge! I was smitten by the plaid one, and thought the one with flowers (in the top picture) was cute (but not really me), and the middle one in the photo is from their new made-from-plastic-bottles line, so I had to support that endeavor.

Then, they had some collapsible messanger-bags.. That seemed so cool! I foolishly bought three, and while they are cool, they are of course rather flimsy. (Was I really thinking they’d be like my school bag? Am I crazy?) I think these will be the ones that live in the car all the time for the one time a year I forget to bring one along to the store.

Lloyd says making him look at bags it's like making me look at websites. Someone would rather die.

I have an addiction. Please stop me.

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9 Responses to “Contents of package 2”

  1. Brad Said on:

    That IS huge! How big is the little ball when the bag is collapsed?


  2. Beth Said on:

    I’m cracking up because when I looked at that pile of bags and knew instantly that they were bags, I positively *swooned* over that flowery one.


    And, does Lloyd need a haircut?


  3. Lauren Said on:

    Brad: 4 x 5.5 inches. When my battery recharges I’ll take a photo.

    Beth: 1. The flowery one also reminded me of you. 2. I think the better question might be, when doesn’t Lloyd need a haircut?


    • Lloyd Said on:

      A: up to one week after receiving a haircut.


      • Annette Said on:

        My neighbor gives Flobies?? Do you know what I am talking about? I’m sure he’d love to give you one. He’s really good at it and it’s F R E E—that’s important when you live with an addict


  4. Kristi Said on:

    That is one huge bag. You could possibly fit all of Lloyd’s hair in there.


  5. Peggy Said on:

    Nice bags!! I like the plaid one too. Do you get to pick the designs you want, or do they just send a variety? And you’ll be happy to hear Lauren that I have been noticing more & more people at my grocery store using these type bags…so much so that I’m starting to feel guilty for not having them.


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