Do wit in Omaha

March 27, 2010


Today Lloyd had to go to Omaha with a fellow computer geek honorable person to some Drupal/computer/insert-geeky-words-here meet-up. I decided to tag along since all of The Stuff is there. (Not at the meet-up, silly, in the Big City.) I just kept quiet in the car while they talked programming nonsense. (Don’t they know that computers are powered by elves? Elves who failed Cookie Baking?)

I dropped off the boys with their fellow honorable people so they could talk their techie talk, and went window shopping. I visited the snooty mall and Whole Foods, then just drove around for a while. On my drive I saw this:

See that tiny little sign?

What the what? Does that say what I think it says?

You've got to be kidding.

No way! That has to be a typo. National headquarters?

It even has a light so you can read it at night!  Thanks, Dr. Seuss.

It was not a typo. The national headquarters of an obviously Chicago-inspired pizza chain is located in the middle of corn country. I felt duped! I went up to the doors to have it out with the Godfather’s Pizza people and demand that they reimburse me for my betrayed childhood trust.

Let me in.

Nobody was home, but you can faintly see photos of the Godfather on the wall to the left. Maybe he retired in Omaha, which would make me feel better.

Now, go order some pizza.

Do wit.

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5 Responses to “Do wit in Omaha”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I won’t say what I want to say until I type this first sentence so other people might have the same experience I did.

    Hahaha… I didn’t get the title until I read the last two words of the post. Nice. I laughed out loud.

    Are those commercials still playing? Not having Godfather’s around here, we don’t see any ads for them.


  2. Kristi Said on:

    There is a new godfather in the commercials, but he is a sad comparison to the original dude.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    What? No one came to the door and made you an offer you couldn’t refuse?

    And dang, now I must do wit! Off to Italian Sensations!


  4. Lauren's mom Said on:

    So,…who took that picture of you at the door? The Godfather?


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